Where can I purchase Goof Off® Pro Strength Remover?You can purchase Goof Off® directly from the website. Can I use Goof Off® Pro Strength Remover on my car without harming the topcoat?Goof Off® Professional can damage some automobile finishes.
Can Goof Off® Pro Strength Remover be used to remove nail polish?While Goof Off® Professional isn’t recommended for use on fingernails, it can be used to remove spilled or dripped nail polish from surfaces stated on the label.
Can I use Goof Off® Pro Strength Remover on my microwave to remove sticker residue?Use Goof Off® Heavy Duty Removers instead. Can I use Goof Off® Pro Strength on Vinyl Siding?Goof Off® Professional is safe on some vinyl materials.
How do I remove the Goof Off® Pro Strength residue?Goof Off® Pro Strength Remover evaporates quickly and does not leave a residue.
Why does Goof Off® Pro Strength Remover smell like nail polish remover?One of Goof Off® Pro Strength Remover's ingredients is acetone, which is also used in nail polish removers. Can I use Goof Off® Pro Strength Remover on a hardwood floor or finished wood furniture?Try in a small, inconspicuous test area first.

Can I use Goof Off® Graffiti Remover to remove paint from carpet?Test the product first in a small, inconspicuous spot to ensure there’s no damage to the carpet. Is it safe to use Goof Off® Graffiti Remover on natural stone?Test the product in a small, inconspicuous spot first to ensure no damage occurs. Do you have any larger sizes of the Goof Off® Graffiti Remover?No, Graffiti Remover comes only in the 18 oz. What is the best temperature range to use the Goof Off® Graffiti Remover in?It will work fine in 50-90 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! However, they do not provide you with all of the information needed to use the product safely and effectively. Prior to using any of our products, you should always read the entire label including all cautions. I really needed to wear this jacket and figured I had nothing to lose trying to get the paint off.

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