If you don't have a spare ladder handy and would like this piece for yourself, visit the Naturally Cre8tive store on Etsy. Now, I don't feel so silly for refusing to throw away every wine bottle I've ever purchased. Do you love to receive a gift where some one took the time to create something from the heart and used their imagination to upcycle some thing of no use and give it a new lease of life.
First this is a great simple and effective homemade Christmas gift idea that anyone can make. Homemade candles in a jar, reuse old jars and melt the candles which are left over to create the candles in jars. Upcycle old jerseys,jumpers, tea towels, pillow cases, little dresses to make hamdmade quilt or throws. This is one home made christmas gift idea that the whole family can get involved in creating, is this what Christmas is about . Plants are always a great gift, gather up those old cans and grow some herbs for Christmas. When you’re done embellishing, glue the shade ends together by putting adhesive on the tab (use either double-sided sticky tape or rubber cement).

In that same visit I went to grab a mason jar (50% off, heck yeah!) from an end cap and got totally blocked by a wide eyed soccer mom.
This project is fun because it is cheap, easy for even the most entry level crafter and requires so little in materials and tools. So head on over to Mom Spark and check out how to make these ridiculously easy mason jar luminaries!
I bought mine on eBay but if you Google it there are tutorials to make them with $1 solar lights from Walmart! For example, if you've finished burning a candle that comes in a big glass jar, don't waste it.
She started grabbing and shoving these things in her cart and looking at me like I was going to jack her stuff. I get them for free whenever I buy food ;) Just wash them off and you’re ready to go! But I would start the first row on the jar and let it set for a few hours and then continue. Please limit yourself to use of 1 or 2 images including a link that leads directly to the post you borrowed them from.

For the paper pierced shade pictured above, what I did was print 5 copies of Battenburg Corner 3 from Corners and Frames for Cards (well, it’s not just for cards anymore as proven by this project, LOL), then arranged them symmetrically on the shade as shown below. I have tons of jars from salsas, spaghetti sauce and the like, but I find actual mason jars have their place.
Well, right in the midst I recovered two pillows chevron and I hated them within a few weeks. And if you’re wondering, I just went into the aisle and grabbed my one mason jar and kept on my merry little way.
I’ve been looking for a fun way to add some lighting to our deck for this summer and I think these will be just perfect!
I did work up an alternative for folks who couldn’t get the hot glue to work out using silicone caulk. Source: Bored Panda If you love these trendy ideas, share them by clicking the button below.

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