Have you ever gone to the craft store with a project in mind and had the entire thing just absolutely flop in your face? So then I was going to attempt a new way to tint the jars different colors (you might remember I tinted them with Mod Podge and food coloring a while back and it was a smashing success). I was just about sick of the whole project and since I have a tendency to walk off in the store found myself alone and unable to find my shopping accomplice. My battery lights weren’t powerful enough to cast much of a glow, but the flickers underneath the glass were gorgeous.
But you also have the option of making these mason jar solar light lids from the tutorial at Garden Therapy. This may go down as the easiest DIY ever on Mom Spark (though not the least time consuming considering all of my personal craft fails)! A crafter since her earliest years, Allison spends a little time every day making something. Thanks for Visiting!Amy Bellgardt is a wife, mom, lifestyle & travel blogger, foodie, social media strategist, nerd, coffee drinker and founder of Mom Spark.
NOTICE: CHARTER HOUSE INTERIORS WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY SEPTEMBER 23 TO REDECORATE THE STORE. There is a special type of glass paint that creates a jewel-tone effect on glass bottles and come in a variety of colors. A diffuser bottle holds fragrance diffuser reeds, or reed sticks that have been dipped in fragrance oils. Use recycled glass bottles found in your home or at a flea market, thrift store or garage sale; different glass bottles will give you different results.
On a few of my jars, I added some rubber bands so that I would have some detail other than just the frosted glass effect.
I spray painted half of my Mason Jars with the Diamond Glitter Spray Paint (after the frosted glass was dry).
When you buy some product in a glass  jars, usually the glass jar stays in your home empty.
Once you have everything sanded (included the metal lid) you can spray paint all the pieces.
Once the wood piece under the jar is set and definitely not going anywhere, glue the candlestick to the bottom of the jar with wood glue. 2.Gently peel off the letters to spell Honey from the Over N Over alphabet stencil sheet and apply to the middle of the jar, with the edges of the letters overlapping each other left to right. 3.Surround the stencil with masking tape, then cover the entire side of the jar all the way down to the bottom, overlapping all edges. 5.Rinse the cream from the jar under running tap water, with the water running away from the lid (so none gets inside the jar).
11.Pat the cream onto the letters (do not brush it on) until they are thoroughly covered with cream.

12.Rinse the cream from the jar, with the water running away from the lid (so none gets inside the jar).
All I wanted to do was make some neat mood lighting out of mason jars, and I gotta tell you things were rough! I boiled the salt and water down and applied it to my jars just knowing it would crystallize beautifully and, well, it didn’t.
Things were going great and I was so stoked and then out of nowhere, while finishing curing in the oven, the paint starts to blister and pop. The only thing to do in this situation is to have the person paged with something like “Mr. I snapped them up knowing that I was going to put these guys on my glass jars, fingers crossed that it would work out well. You can leave the lid off, put it back on (if battery operated) or use just the lid with out the seal if real flame. This tutorial is seriously sooo easy – and each one costs you about $0.97 rather than $12 it costs to purchase a mason jar solar lid! She crafts, sews, paints, glues things onto other things, and is a firm believer that a life spent creating is a life worth living.
A copper tray adds sophistication to the display and makes the brown-hue decoration portable. NEW FURNITURE, HOME DECOR AND ART IS ARRIVING DAILY AND WE NEED TIME TO DO A GOOD JOB SAFELY. There are dozens of craft ideas that put to use your recycled glass bottles, including empty wine bottles, perfume bottles, diffuser bottles or other glass bottle types. Turn a small glass bottle into a diffuser by decorating the bottle and inserting fragrance diffuser reeds. Get decoupage medium from your local craft store and choose a variety of colored tissue paper. Purchase dishwasher-safe enamel paint from your local craft store to create a variety of enameled glass bottles.
Except for using for conserving food, you can use the jar for decorating the home, or to keep some small thing in it.
If you have never worked with gorilla glue you’ll want to be careful or you can ruin the whole project.
Dip the brush that came in the etching kit into the etching cream and load the brush fully, but not dripping.
I already had pint and half pint jars on hand, but I went ahead and got a totally smooth quart mason jar from the hobby store. B, your mistress is waiting at the customer service counter” OR go peruse the clearance aisle or another aisle that gets a large amount of sighs and groans that keep you from it on a normal shopping trip.
For variety, visit your local thrift stores or flea markets for interesting and decorative glass bottles to use for your crafts.

Use a sponge applicator found at craft stores to apply the jewel-tone paint to the surface of the bottle.
Rip the tissue paper into small pieces, then coat a small area of the bottle with the decoupage medium using a paintbrush. It is enough just to use your imagination, and you will have a new vase for flowers, candlestick, you can also use the glass  jar in the kitchen to keep spices in it, or you can fill it with pearls, stones, shelves and will decorate your home. To get the look of the 3 different sizes you need to pay attention to what size jars and candlesticks you glue together. Pat the cream onto the letters (do not brush it on) until they are thoroughly covered with cream. Cover the rest of the entire side of the jar all the way down to the bottom, overlapping all edges the same way you did before. In the end I’ve got some gorgeous faceted jars that shimmer and shine or make pretty light patterns around them.
COFFEE WITH A TWIST WILL REMAIN OPEN; AND FOR THIS DAY ONLY, ACCESS THE COFFEE SHOP FROM THE FRONT STAIRS. Using a glue stick or other strong glue, attach flat-edged glass beads, colored sea glass pieces and seashells to the bottle.
And for our out of state friends you don’t have to miss out on this adorable project because we have everything but the glass available for shipping! For a beautiful monochromatic table center; Spray paint the nuts and pine cones in shades of white, cream and brown. Brush more decoupage medium over the tissue paper, and repeat this process until the bottle is covered. I put the gorilla glue in the middle of the wood plaque so if it oozed out you wouldn’t be able to see it.
Allow it to dry, add decorative touches like marbles or flat-edged beads and crystals with a hot-glue gun. You can use the jars as flowerpots, you just need to paint them and the color should match your interior.
Apply a small amount of gorilla glue on the inside of the ribbed lines and lay the thin 4″ circle wafer on top. You’ll want to check on them an hour later and push the air out of the glue because it really expands.

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