The wallpaper are made of a high quality, waterproof vinyl, It suits for nearly any room in the house.
Not everything is big in Texas…especially not my 650 square foot condo that I felt needed a little excitement.  Everyone knows the kitchen is the epicenter of one’s home (no matter how small), so I figured this would be the best place to create a piece of art that would inspire my cooking as well as conversation from my family and guests. To begin, I started scouring second hand shops and garage sales for relatively flat plates and ceramics that had interesting design elements and colors. Next, I measured the dimensions of my backsplash, and drew a life-sized template onto a couple pieces of large plywood. I used tile snips to break the plates and stained glass into even-sized pieces, and laid them on my plywood template to help create a master design. IT WAS AT THIS POINT where I wished the epiphany would have occurred that actually took place a couple of months AFTER I finished the backsplash (all you DIY-ers know what I’m talking about here…the OMG-what-was-I-thinking? I hand-carried the two pieces of plywood that had my backsplash design loosely atop CAREFULLY from the dining room table to the kitchen counter (without tripping).  Then, I proceeded to BACK-BUTTER each individual piece of tile and stick it to the wall in the EXACT SAME placement as they were on the plywood.

I skipped down to the ol’ orange and white store, and picked me up some mosaic tile mesh!  I laid down parchment paper over the plywood template of my backsplash, and placed 1 x 1 foot squares of the mosaic tile mesh over the parchment paper.  I glued my tiles with Welbond to the mesh, allowed to dry, and affixed the individual SHEETS of tile to the wall with mortar.
Believe me – it is MUCH easier to glue tile to a horizontal piece of mesh sitting at a table and then place them on the wall rather than back-butter and affix each individual tile to the wall! Olivia - the spoons, forks, and knives were found as a pattern on a plate that I bought from a second hand store. Saw this on Pinterest and I MUST know-- how did you get those little tiny forks and spoons on your tile? I specifically looked for round “focal” pieces that would eventually become the center of my circles in the design.  I also purchased some scrap stained glass to include as well. I made large mosaic inserts in my backsplash about 15 years ago, drawing the design with a Sharpie directly on the wall and sitting or leaning on the counter to apply each piece. Of all the web pages, books and mags I've scoured in preparation of diy'g my kitchen backsplash I have not come across the mesh idea.

I have been working in mosaics for years and it always amazes me how you can take a small space and create sp much more interest in i1. The wallpaper are made of a high quality, waterproof vinyl and will stick to any smooth surface.
It's a good thing I still love it, and with your tips on how to do it right, I'll tackle the project again in a future house. And when and if you should ever move, get the sawzall out remove the wall and take it with you. I love to do mosaics as well and used to go the thrift store route until I discovered a Habitat For Humanity re-store in my area.

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