Get a touch of glass and create an exciting, contemporary space with Aspect peel and stick glass tiles. Try Aspect for multiple applications — backsplash, walls, cabinets, toe-kicks, details, accents and more.
This backsplash tile kit in Morning Dew is 15 square feet or 120 (3" x 6") peel and stick tiles. Peel and stick Mini Subway in Ebony is evocative of the coal-black, tropical wood from which it gets its name.
Peel and stick Mini Subway in Frost features a snowy, white color that makes a clean, refreshing addition to any space. Peel and stick Mini Subway in Rustic Clay combines Putty, Leather, Steel and Frost for a stylish mix of neutrals that is both warm and elegant.
To determine the square feet of backsplash that you will need for your project, you will need to use a tape measure and find the dimensions (height and width) of the area you plan to cover. I love the look of this type of backsplash or wall cladding (especially in a bathroom) and wondered if anyone can tell me how they did it and what types of problems they ran into. As far as I could remember it was just glass paint but you could actually paint the wall instead. Painting glass tile is not generally the best idea for a quality look and it often times will begin to look faded. I am making a backsplash out of large pieces of brown opal glass, with smaller pieces to cut in around outlets. The backsplash at the tallest is 20 inches and there is a 36 inch area ofer the stove that has no counter below. Whether you are remodeling an entire room or simply accenting a small area, Aspect glass tiles create an instant designer flair.

Evocative of the coal-black, tropical wood from which it gets its name, Ebony is a strong, rich hue that stands perfectly on its own or when accented with grays or bold reds.
This muted green color with undertones of gray creates a tranquil, refreshing change for any kitchen or bath.
This earthy brown with undertones of cool gray is neutral yet striking, adding instant visual appeal to your walls. Bright and vibrant with undertones of yellow, Sunlit Meadow’s vivid hue makes a dramatic statement in any environment. Frost pairs well with both bold and neutral colors, making it the perfect complement to your decor scheme. If new paint on existing wall, it should be WELL cured. unless you have previous fabrication experience, do a test project.
It has been up for about 3 years now, we are now making a cool water wall and might be painting it as well.
After that, clean the surface really good, apply the Surface conditioner and paint it with two coats of Permaenamel. Have searched thru the forums here and wondering what would be the best adhesive to attach to the installed water resistant drywall?
However is your glass transluscent and you need to be concerned about the grey of the thinset as a background for the glue? Having worked in stained glass for many years, when I discoverd mosaics and was searching glass tiles for backsplashes, I happened upon this forum. I want to do my backsplash using regular 6x6" white tiles, but doing mosaic sections behind the sink, at the ends of the run, and at the top of the stove backsplash. It works well in traditional and contemporary settings, creating an ideal color choice for those who desire the look of subtle sophistication.

Fresh Sage is especially striking when partnered with other earth tones, making it a savory addition to your home decor.
Glacier is cool and sophisticated and works well in modern or contemporary settings for a splash of crisp color. Use with a neutral decorating palette or with bold accent colors to make a statement without saying a word. Storm Cloud works well when paired with white, pastels and bold hues, making it the perfect complement to almost any color scheme. After the paint cures in ten days, adhere the glass to the wall using a clear non corrosive silicone.A It goes well with your customized furniture.
As one who likes texture in my mosaics, I don't worry about the different depths, but I know some want a very smooth surface. If it sits on a ledge you can get away with just using adhesive to hold it, otherwise I'd advise some sort of frame for it in case the paint lets go. I never knew how easy glass was to install, I always thought it needed fasteners and screws but it doesnt!! We already painted glass for our kitchen with glassprimer paint and it came out spectacular!
Just peel and stick, it eliminates the need for tile installer and problems with old walls or tiles. I want to now finish up with painted glass walls behind our bedroom wall hanging flat screen but dont want to pay high prices for large panels of glass (I should pay less for size).

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