UV curing adhesives use ultraviolet (UV) light or other radiation sources to initiate curing and form a permanent bond without heating.
Ultraviolet (UV) or visible light cures or polymerizes a combination of monomers and oligomers in a UV adhesive.
UV curable adhesives consist of monomers, oligomers, photoinitiators, additives, and sometimes UV transparent fillers. The ability of UV adhesives to rapidly cure without heat provides energy savings and productivity gains. Some UV curing adhesives contain additional modifiers such as fillers, pigments, or chopped fiber reinforcements.
Use temperature - The range of temperatures to which products can be exposed without the degradation of structural or other required end-use properties.
Dielectric strength - The maximum voltage field that UV curing adhesives can withstand before electrical breakdown occurs.
Dielectric constant - The relative permittivity of a material compared to a vacuum or free space. 9985979 - This specification covers a family of single component, solvent free, fast setting, acrylic adhesives that cure when exposed to light, either in the visible or ultraviolet range.
MIL-PRF-24793 - This specification covers the requirements of a UV curable liquid adhesive for bonding optical fibers to glass fiber optic splice, connector, and terminus ferrules.
Conformal coatings encapsulate circuit boards and their electronic components in order to prevent the ingress of moisture, fungus, dust and other environmental contaminants.
Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and contact adhesives adhere to most surfaces with very slight pressure.
Silicone adhesives and sealants have a high degree of flexibility and a very high temperature resistance (up to 600° F), but lack the strength of other epoxy or acrylic resins.
December 18, 2014 by Michelle Leave a Comment TweetThis is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments we have done all year! Start by drawing a circle or oval on the ornament bulb so you know where to put the sheep’s head. Cut out a sheep’s head from the black card stock paper then cut a strip of  black bending it back and forth. Make sure to follow Crafty Morning on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram or subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter!
Glass garden art flowers are made from used or recycled glass and metal dishes, plates, cups, pickle dishes and more. Some links go to shops via my affiliate accounts (like Amazon) or other websites (like eBay) where I have been paid to write a blog or article. While you can assemble them with a good, waterproof adhesive (more on this below), I find it’s best to also drill through the plates and secure them with wire.
You’ll probably want to start watching at yard sales or thrift stores for suitable dishes so you can make several flowers all at once. These instructions will show you how to create glass garden flowers from start to finish, including a video showing how to drill through glass. You can mount the flowers on wooden posts as I’ve done here, use rebar or pipes, or simply hang them on a wall or fence. Plus, as soon as you are confident that you can indeed drill holes in all sorts of used kitchen items, the entire key to the garden art kingdom is yours. Used kitchen glassware and metal plates, bowls, serving dishes, votive candle holders….
For the flowers you see here, I used clear and blue glass plates plus some small metal serving dishes.
If you want to make several flowers to group together, you might want to pick a colour theme (blues, reds, greens, or simply all bold colours or pastels).
After about ten seconds, slowly move the drill (while you’re drilling) to a 90-degree angle, directly over the hole.
As you drill it will look like little clouds of smoke are moving in the water around the hole.
Usually after a minute or two , the drill bit will suddenly plunge through the plate when the hole is done (be prepared).
Place some silicone sealant wherever the plates will be touching each other to keep the pieces from rubbing too tightly together. You can also attach a copper pipe end cap to the back of the flower (using the same silicone sealant as adhesive).

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I haven’t tried drilling glass yet, but you make it look and sound easy, so I need to check the drill bits and give it a try. Can’t understand why you are using a wire and washer, a large glass bead would look a lot better, also you can use hose washers between the glass to keep them from touching and not use glue. I want to drill a hole in a glass bottle and I assume it would use about the same procedure but I want the edges to be smooth so what would I sand the hole with, just regular sand paper? For drilling a glass bottle, the trick will be to figure out a setup that keeps the bottle really steady while drilling. Enter Nickelodeon Parents: We’ve got all the goodies and games you’ll need to throw a New Year’s Eve party that your kids will remember, no matter when their heads hit the pillow. IN HINDSIGHT: The hot glue is probably not the best to use, because over time the frames will fall apart. Great idea, I don’t know that I would have come up with the idea to glue frames together.
This week I had a post with some things that were giving me inspiration for the play area I’m trying to set up for my son, and included this. I decided to try a practice one first on a picture frame that I had that used plastic instead of glass in the frame.
From the website, Not Big on Dignity, “I searched for an image I really liked and hand-drew it on a big piece of cardboard. August 19, 2014 By Cheryl 19 Comments This Olaf Craft post is courtesy of our contributor Chantelle…Who doesn’t love Olaf? Frozen still seems to be going strong as a party theme all over Pinterest and on my favorite party sites, so I decided to work on a Frozen inspired project to share with you. I am not quite sure how it popped into my head, but one day I realized that the distinctive shape of Olaf’s head looks an awful lot like two flower pots stacked on each other. Cut out your felt shapes including a white tooth, two brown arms, 2 black ovals to mount the googly eyes on, and 3 black buttons. Glue the two smaller sized Terra Cotta saucers together with Gorilla Glue, sandwiching the brown felt arms in between. Hot glue pipe cleaners into the top of the flower pot head and bend randomly to look like twigs. This was an easy project to pull together and fairly inexpensive given that I was able to find most of my pots and craft supplies at the Dollar Store. And I do apologize if you have gotten a certain snowman-building song stuck in your head from reading this post. We’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to Chantelle for sharing this creative tutorial with us.
I believe i’ll experiment with substituting styrofoam cups for the kids to make and use playdough for a nose.
UV adhesives are also known as radiation curing or radcure adhesives because UV is a radiant energy sources.
The light or radiation sources used in the UV or visible light curing process include medium pressure mercury lamps, pulsed xenon lamps, LEDs or lasers. The UV photoinitiator component generates free radicals or actions when exposed to UV light, which initiate crosslinking between the unsaturation sites in the monomers or oligomers. Energy savings occurs because capital expense and production floor space required for the costly ovens required for thermally curing adhesives is eliminated. As a result, no water or solvents are released to the environment, which is better for the environment (no emissions) and safety (no flammable fumes) as well as water or solvent sensitive parts. Others contain solvent-based adhesive resins which use a volatile organic compound (VOC) to thin or alter viscosity. Others, which are more common, begin tacking when contacted by UV, but still require a given length of time to fully set. They require clean surfaces and are valued for their toughness and resistance to chemical and environmental damage.
I got the idea from those adorable marshmallow sheep cupcakes and figured it would also work in the form of a ornament. They are easy to assemble: the dishes are arranged in layers, with the largest plates forming the back of the flower (to appear as petals), and the smallest ones at the front (like the flower pistols). This way the dish flowers can stay in the garden throughout the seasons without the risk of falling apart.

I have also provided instructions for other glass garden art projects here, so if something doesn’t work for one creation, it will probably find use in another.
There’s lots more garden art that can be made once you know you can drill dishes and teacups!
I haven’t been through every link yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ones I have gone to.
Go with the flow, think outside the box, and most importantly – just do what you love to do!
The fast-approaching New Year can be a big deal for youngsters who only have a handful of 365-day cycles under their belts. Begin early in the evening and try a new activity each hour, counting down toward midnight.
Count with your preschooler as you add ten grapes, nine blueberries (and so on and so forth) to a medium-sized bowl.
Glue, glitter, sequins, and rhinestones liven up a plastic glass filled with one of these awesome kid-friendly New Year’s cocktails!
Give your loved ones and your loved little ones a big smooch–2016 is going to be wonderful! Start the countdown even earlier in the day and promise them a big New Year’s kiss at midnight while they’re sleeping — the perfect way to start out 2016 on the right note.
All Rights Reserved.Nick Nickelodeon and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. I found out that in some places the plastic frames didn’t take to the spray paint that well. I keep wanting to check out my dollar stores (we actually have 4, which is weird cuz I live in a tiny little town!) I just need to work up the courage to go in with both boys! I’m about to be decorating for THREE boys – I will definitely keep this in mind! Turns out the image was much too complicated and I simplified it heaps when I piped on the black”. I am so excited to bring you my first party tip post today starring the quirky little snowman.
If you have plans for a Frozen inspired sweets table or are looking for a fun gift idea for the Frozen lover in your life, you’ll definitely want to read on! I have had it on my project list to go buy some terra cotta pots and a round glass vase to make one of those cute bubble gum machine candy jars, but decided instead to use those same materials and make a fun Snowman shaped treat jar instead. I chose to work with a brush and bottle of acrylic paint, but you could easily spray paint the pieces as well. I used a foam carrot found at Michaels, but you could certainly create your own from rolled felt or foam.
The IKEA vase used can certainly be substituted with any other glass or plastic jar – just play around with the flower pot saucers to make sure you find a size that will fit snugly in the top of your container. Check out this adorable Olaf-inspired party favor idea by Chantelle – free printable included! There are a lot more where this came from – visit her on Facebook to see the latest ideas for fun crafts, party ideas and more! Thermally cured adhesives can take hours to cure compared to UV adhesive, which can cure in seconds to minutes. You’ll be able to sand the outer rims of the hole but perhaps not the inner edges (depending on how thick the glass is). That calls for a celebration—but how do you celebrate when some little ones might not make it to midnight? Favourite topics include repurposed DIY projects and tutorials, organic gardening, creative garden ideas, debt-free living, nature (what more is there?), and sustainable living—all with a dash of humour and side order of freshly-grown salad greens. Alternately you could use a two-hole metal button at the center of your flower to hold the wire in place.

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