Key Features : Merging the best of style and functionality, this gas stove from Glen is the perfect gift you can give to your kitchen. Designed with a toughened glass top and rich matt steel body, this gas stove is extremely durable, stain resistant, rust proof and easy to clean.
With two burners spaced in a convenient way, this gas stove makes cooking a safe and an easy affair. With features like multi-directional gas inlet nozzle, rotary knobs to control the flame, aluminium burners and rubber legs for support, this appliance is quite safe to use. The most recognizable home appliance is probably a cooktop as there can be no Indian kitchen without a cooktop.
With rich matt finish steel, toughened glass top, multiple pan support and smooth operation knobs, Glen India’s cooktops are value for your money.
Glen’s glass and induction cooktop let you multiplex with Induction and LPG cooking, a flexibility not offered elsewhere.
Glen’s Platinum series of designer cooktops break the monotony of the traditional cooktops with options of two, three, four and five burners, maximum cooking space and auto ignition option.

It is utmost important that your cooktop adheres to all safety guidelines and Glen’s cooktops do it exactly. Glen India’s stainless steel cooktops offer features like multiple cooking zones, square or round shape platform and triple ring, high flame or conventional burner; at the most reasonable price. Whether you choose to shop cooktop at retail store or online, we assure a quality product, which will be your companion for longer run without any complaint. You spend hours together cooking at it, so it’s important that your cooktop ensures quality cooking and paramount safety. To suit your various cooking needs, Glen’s glass cooktops come with two, three or four burners. So if you are in mood of induction cooking you can just switch to induction mode, freeing you of any worry of LPG supply.
The pan supports are made up of 4.0 mm thick mild steel and offer sturdy support even when you rigorously shake your pan while tempering.
Glen’s cooktops offer you freedom of multi cuisine cooking as they let you do sauteing, boiling and frying with ease.

Drawn out of single sheet of matt finish stainless steel, these cooktops add to looks of your modern kitchen and make it extremely easy to wipe clean. The latest cooktop models let you cook with tranquility, as they don’t make any sound of their own.
Glen’s energy efficient cooktops let you save fuel, so that you do your bit in environment conservation without even noticing.
So shop online cooktop of your dreams from Glen India and enjoy the best cooking experience. Glen has an assortment of LPG compatible cooktops that comply with international safety guidelines.

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