We sell a range of beautiful classic, traditional and modern free-standing table and mantel clocks in a variety of sizes and styles. Your can view our full range of table and mantel clocks in our Exeter showroom, but a small number of examples are shown below. The Regency is a mahogany balloon case mantel clock decorated with curl veneer, fan marquetry inlay and satinwood banding to the edge.

The Regency Arch Top Mantel Clock has a solid wood top case decorated with burr yew veneer, shell marquetry and ebonised edgeline. The Regency Lancet is a mantel clock in a mahogany lancet case decorated with curl veneer and inlaid with fan marquetry and boxwood edgeline. This is a solid mahogany arch top case with bell strike movement made by Comitti of London.

It is made by Comitti of London and decorated with book-matched curl veneer and "curtain" moulding to the base.

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