If you would like any advice before placing a repair order, please go to the contact page where you can upload photos to help with your enquiry. This repairs package allows your to choose from an extensive list of rimless repair options. The most common breakages occur where the bridge meets the rim, where the pad arm meets the rim, and at the joint (the hinge which attaches the arm to the lug). If your frame is distorted but has not snapped, usually when they’ve been sat on, then this is what you will need. If you have snapped one of the arms on your glasses we can replace the arms (supplied as a pair) to the nearest match. You will find titanium repairs, snapped glasses repairs, damaged hinge replacement, and all the little bits like, nose pads, screws, solders and welds.

You will find Silhouette rimless repairs using genuine Silhouette parts, and options to replace your Silhouette parts with stainless steel copy parts. If you have a plastic frame with a snapped bridge or a metal frame with a broken nose pad, we can repair your glasses frame. If you are unsure whether your frame is titanium, order as a normal solder and we will inform you if it is titanium when we receive your frame. If the joint used to flex outwards you will need a sprung joint repair, or we can replace it with a fixed pin repair if you do not need it to flex outwards. The screw(s) may have been lost altogether and you have now been left with a lens that has fallen out of your frame. These can crack over time and replacing them to give some life back to a tired looking spectacle frame.

If the metal arm (pad arm) that holds the pad in place has broken away too, you will need to choose a package with a solder option. Don’t worry if you have lost any pad arm parts, we replace them as part of the solder repair. Choose a package with replacement screws, our Custom Package will be the best value if this is all you need, and then send your frame and loose lens(es) to us and we will secure the screws, fix the barrel if necessary and apply a small amount of fixing solution to prevent them coming loose in the future. If your lenses are loose and we find it is not the screws causing it, and that the lenses are actually slightly to small for the frame, we will apply a small amount of packing to the rims instead of replacing the screws.

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