Clear static-cling vinyl decal effortlessly attaches to glass without the need for any adhesive. Spray the area liberally with a very light solution of soapy water (two drops of dish soap per pint of water). Work from the center outward, using a rubber-edged squeegee, to remove the excess moisture and air. If tiny bubbles appear, simply remove the decal and repeat steps 3 through 5, using a generous application of the wet solution on the surface before proceeding to reapply the decal with the squeegee. A light soapy water solution for the decal application may be used in place of window cleaner.
This is a matter of personal preference, as the exterior installation will not affect the durability of the decal.
Thoroughly test this product when applying to painted surfaces, as hazing may develop on the painted surface with extended exposure to static cling vinyl. When using outdoors, this vinyl film may be used for temporary applications up to three months.
Tall windows and curved glass eaves pull the eyes upward, making a small patio space seem larger, while our glass panels allow you to soak up the sun- or the starlight – while relaxing in the comfort of your home. If you want to enjoy your spa year-round, Patio Enclosures can create an all-season room using a vinyl or aluminum frame, sliding doors that open to the outside and a sloped or gabled roof. Square or rectangle, rounded or straight, Patio Enclosures can create the perfect room addition for your unique space.

While we currently don’t have offices in Australia (yet) we were lucky enough to be introduced to this new brand and bring you some photos from their latest collection. Hand-detailed features and luxury embellishments including feathers, sequins, lace and crystals, ensure Daughter of the Gods swimwear stands out from the crowd.
Designer, Alana Patience matches skillful pattern-making, a background in dance and theatre costume design with a somewhat eccentric personal aesthetic.
The Lingerie Journal's digital media circulation is verified by Verified Audit Circulation. A generous amount of liquid is necessary between the decal and the surface to ensure an even appearance when completely dry.
Wipe the surrounding area very carefully with a lint-free cloth to minimize the movement of the decal out of position. With a spa enclosure from Patio Enclosures you won’t ever have to freeze when walking between your spa and your home. Our superior glass options offer energy efficiency, strength and safety, along with UV protection.
Keep energy costs low through the use of our ENERGY STAR ® qualified roof panel sections, which are the strongest in the industry. Contact us online or call us today at 1-800-230-8301 to schedule your free, no obligation, in-home consultation. When the convention was for women to wear heavy, cumbersome, bathing dresses, Annette was an advocate for the right of women to wear a one-piece; a controversial garment in the early 20th century.

She treats every item as a unique, beautifully crafted masterpiece and she’s not just thinking about how they make women look, but also how they make women feel. A rubber-edged squeegee is recommended, along with spraying the front of the decal with the wet solution after positioning it on the surface. To keep the decal's beautiful appearance, we suggest using a window cleaner WITHOUT ammonia, or just plain soapy water. ECO-SOL MAX® is virtually odorless and does not require any special ventilation or environmental equipment. Large windows create spectacular views to the outside, and sliding doors offer homeowners easy access to the outside. Since we cut and temper our own glass, we can create the exact specifications your unique room requires.
Our glass also includes a marine-grade material, so your room will always remain dry, even in the wettest season. Additionally, if your room is located near a high-traffic area, Patio Enclosures can recommend features that will cut down on noise while enhancing privacy.
They pass through clouds, glass and the epidermis; unlike UVB's, they are painless and can penetrate very deeply into the skin to reach the cells of the dermis.

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