TPX®, a 4-methylpentene-1 based polyolefin manufactured solely by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Superior transmission in the UV range as well as IR than glass and other transparent resins, it is used in cells for optical analysis. TPX® has a very high gas permeability (10 times higher than that of PE), which makes it an excellent material for gas separating applications like permeable films, membranes and hollow fibers, as well as fruit and vegetable packaging. TPX®, a polyolefin like polypropylene, shows excellent chemical resistance in comparison with other transparent resins such as polycarbonate and acrylic resin.
Several TPX® grades meet requirements of various Japanese standards tests (JHOSPAS's Positive List and so on), US FDA regulations and EU directives for food packaging. The transmittance value is then determined by calculating the ratio between measurements taken with and without the specimen.
Multiple points are scanned using Architectural Testing’s advanced data acquisition system to ensure accurate measurements. Using this same infrared heating principle, we take infrared energy from a man-made heating element, control it with a reflector as light is controlled, and project it to the subject to be heated (animals, birds, people, or objects).
Animals love Kalglo heaters for their large heat patterns and lower intensity heat - not focused in one small spot as with heat lamps. Kalglo heaters have durable metal sheath heating elements, similar to the elements in an electric oven.
HS Modelssuch as 120 volt HS-1215 or 240 volt HS-2420 do not have a switch or built-in control.
HS-RS Modelssuch as 120 volt HS-1215RS or 240 volt HS-2420RS have a built-in manual electro-mechanical power regulator on one end of the heater. MRM Modelssuch as 120 volt MRM-1215 or 240 volt MRM-2420 have a built-in manual solid-state control on one end of the heater.
MR Modelssuch as 120 volt MR-1215 or 240 volt MR-2420 have a built-in solid-state automatic temperature sensing control on one end of the heater. Note: The added infrared will not increase air temperature by the stated amounts, but it will produce the approximate equivalent comfort level directly below the heater (not the entire heat pattern) as if the air temperature were increased by those amounts.
Please feel free to contact us for more information about infrared heaters and their various uses.

The walls and roof provide a good source of natural light and reduce the need for electrical lightning. The polycarbonate panels for the roof are an energy efficient alternative to glass.
The panels offer a higher insulation value than glass and are 200 times stronger and lighter than glass. Therefore the structure required to hold the panels is considerably less than that for glass. While the panels are translucent and can let in as much as 80% of the visible light, they provide UV protection blocking 99.5% of the sun’s harmful rays. A portion of the materials used in manufacturing the structure components have up to an 80% re-consumer recycled material content and all scrap is recycled. 100% of our extrusions are made with recycled aluminum. Materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. Cabrio Structures’ Folding Aluminum Wall System is energy efficient, they provide LEED points for thermal comfort, recycled content and more. Duratran Transparency can be used in any light box that illuminates the graphic from behind.
Due to this, TPX® is used in the areas of release paper used for release from other materials (urethane and epoxy), release film for printed circuit boards and LED moulds. It radiates infrared heat waves through space until these rays strike an object, such as planet Earth. No expensive plumbing and installation costs or necessary routine maintenance as with gas heaters. When plugged into a receptacle the heater will come on full and stay on full until unplugged or turned off.
It controls the power to the heater by cycling it on and off, so the heater output is a set percentage of its wattage rating.
The heating elements carry a 5 year limited warranty against premature burnout and are field replaceable.
Incidental splashing will not hurt the heaters - it would be similar to a pot boiling over on an electric range.
The objective is to project infrared heat directly to the subject in order to replace heat from the body as fast as it is lost. The control has an off position, a HI position for 100% output (on full), and variable number settings from LO to 6 allowing for approximately 23% to 70% output.

The 8 mil, front-print, polyester transparency film has an ultra absorbent coating that is designed to produce the best black density and color vibrancy. This characteristic is utilized for the applications of animal cages and water tanks in domestic irons, among other things.
HS models can be regulated manually by wall mounted electro-mechanical power regulators (duty cycler) such as 120 volt PR-1218RS or 240 volt PR-2436RS, or by electronic dimmer controls such as 120 volt LC-1220 or 240 volt LC-2440. It is referred to as a manual control because whatever the setting the user has chosen, the heater output will continue at that setting (similar to the heating element controls on an electric range). The output ranges from 0 to 100% and is continuous - not cycled on and off as with the RS control described in the preceding paragraph.
The sensor is suspended below the heater and near the subject to feel what the subject feels. They are most efficient when facing down (not angled to one side) in draft free environments.
The ink absorption capabilities for this transparency media offer a color saturated visual experience that is absolutely vibrant. They can also be regulated automatically by a temperature control such as the 120 volt LCEDT-1242 or 240 volt LCEDT-2484. The heater will not shut off by itself unless it is controlled by a separate thermostat (optional). NOTE: MR models are not used where sensors can be chewed off unless the sensor is protected by an expanded metal guard. The heaters are typically hung much like a fluorescent light fixture, although wall mounting is possible when an adjustable mounting bracket kit, model AMB-1, is used.

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