Adding a high-end glass tile backsplash is a lot easier than you may think, and it makes a tremendous difference in your kitchen's style.
Turn off power to all walls where you'll be working and remove outlet covers on the area to be tiled.
Make sure you understand how your tile will lay out, and that you will be happy with the fit by doing a dry layout on the floor before adhering tile to wall. Step 4 in adding a glass tile backsplash is to apply thinset adhesive to a small area of the wall at the centerline. Make sure your outlets are extended to accommodate for the thickness of the tile so the plate will be flush with the new backsplash. Working across a spans of wall with no countertop support, it’s best to install a temporary support so the tile doesn’t slip while the thin set dries.  We used a scrap piece of wood screwed into the wall studs for the space behind the range for support which was later removed once the thin set mortar dried. For tiling around the window, we found instead of starting in the corner of the wall, it was better to start in the bottom corner of the window.  We cut the edge of the first piece then lined up the first row of mesh tile directly underneath. We worked up the left side of the window, making the first round of cuts and checking each row as we went up with the level.  Next we established a row across the top of the window to guarantee a straight even pattern above the window. We found it’s important to establish a straight and even pattern above the window first before making the second round of cuts on the right side of the window. Here’s a diagram of the order we followed during the installation.   Note, if you do step 3 before step 2 you could run into problems getting the pattern to match up above resulting in an awkward seam. I do like the tile to the ceiling backsplash, but I have a question – My kitchen window is like the last picture, but withOUT soffits.

Hi Lisa, to pull off the look and keep it consistent, you would need to tile above the soffits and use the ceiling as your cut off point like in the BH&G kitchen. Hi LKS, we filled that with grout and a bead of caulk so it disappears, those two come in handy, or a simple small piece of cabinet trim underneath.
Hi Ami, yes you do need a diamond blade to my knowledge, all of the tile guys tell me that and we used one on the tile saw we borrowed.
You never cease to amaze me by the projects you tackle – your tutorial makes backsplash tiling seem much more doable than I ever would have expected!
Hi Candace, I looked for it online, but the tile was discontinued so no longer available, sad but true. The opaque tile backsplash behind this sink gives the room an iridescent glow against the colors of the cabinets and countertop. Start at the bottom of the wall, holding your trowel at an angle so the V-grooves cut into the thinset giving it a grooved texture which will help to grip the tiles. Use the centerline as visual reference to keep your tile application level as you continue to apply tiles.
We are just finishing our kitchen remodel and were having a hard time deciding where to stop our backsplash tile because of a shared wall with the family room, a bar, and a pass through window.
I'm a renovator, decorator, and do-it-yourselfer who writes daily about great interior design and smart home improvement. Wipe thinset onto the wall in sweeping motion, being careful to only apply enough adhesive that can be covered by a few tiles at a time.

Wipe the thinset onto the wall in a sweeping motion, being careful to only apply enough adhesive that can be covered by a few tiles at a time. Work in a small area at a time, adding adhesive and tile until you reach the top of the area to be tiled. I’m a BIG fan, we did it in our remodel five years ago with harlequin tiles and I still love it today. Welcome to the place where I share my advice and adventures in decorating and DIY projects!
My parents just bought a house that they’ll be fully renovating, themselves, with, you guessed it, my help.
A little DIY guilt, we did actually hire a professional because the tiles I chose are not rectangular and we knew there would be a ton of piecework. Optional: To assist in placing the tiles evenly with consistent grout lines, use tile spacers to separate them. I was leaning toward wallpaper to bring some liveliness to our master bath, but I can hardly stay committed to bedding for long, so I’d hate to commit to a wallpaper and then feel restrained when I want to change my bedding, since our master bath is seen from the bed.

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