I love summer entertaining, so I created some beautiful mason jar lanterns to use for some of our summer parties. I made four mason jar lanterns (2 large and 2 medium), added handles to hang them, and then crafted some candles that I molded inside toilet paper rolls.
This next step is optional, but I’m going to show you how I made the perfect sized candles for these mason jars out of some old melted candles, wicks, a purple crayon, and some toilet paper rolls! To use your new lantern with these candles, place a candle centered inside your mason jar lantern.
These mason jar lanterns and paper lanterns are the perfect look for a casual or elegant get together with friends or family, and a wonderful way to light up your outdoor space and add some atmosphere to your party.
I decorated the candles that I made with some pieces from the David Tutera Casual Elegance line to show you how easy it is to use these supplies to make a beautiful decoration.
You can find the David Tutera Casual Elegance line on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest– be sure to follow for more inspiration and great ideas! There is a special type of glass paint that creates a jewel-tone effect on glass bottles and come in a variety of colors.
A diffuser bottle holds fragrance diffuser reeds, or reed sticks that have been dipped in fragrance oils.
Use recycled glass bottles found in your home or at a flea market, thrift store or garage sale; different glass bottles will give you different results. Catch the rays of the sun and make your whole yard glow when you make this easy art glass yard decor piece.
We found everything we needed between our local craft store, dollar store, and recycling bin.
I bet it looks so pretty in the landscaping or garden – I have all sorts of bags of stones sitting around so now I have an idea for what to do with them!
This is an easy DIY project that can be done in less than 30 minutes (depending on how many solar lights you will be making).
It couldn’t be easier, and if you ever tire of them just remove the solar portion, run the jars through the dishwasher and reuse them how ever you choose.

They now sell the colored mason jars with the wire handles they are the cutest, this way you can hang them or carry if you need too. Please remember to get the jar the same size as the light, also they sell different size mason jars, I can jellies so when you go to buy check out the different sizes and then of course they have the wide mouth jars. We made these a couple years ago but glued the top to the metal mason jar ring that screws onto the jar.
Whatever you use to make these, and I think they are so cute, remember you can bring them inside to use if the electric goes off. If you’d like to check out some projects that other bloggers have made using these products, you can click on the links below to see them on their sites.
I'm Laura, owner and creator of Make Life Lovely, a creative blog filled with creative craft tutorials, DIY projects, party tips, holiday ideas, home decor, and so much more! There are dozens of craft ideas that put to use your recycled glass bottles, including empty wine bottles, perfume bottles, diffuser bottles or other glass bottle types. Turn a small glass bottle into a diffuser by decorating the bottle and inserting fragrance diffuser reeds. Get decoupage medium from your local craft store and choose a variety of colored tissue paper. Purchase dishwasher-safe enamel paint from your local craft store to create a variety of enameled glass bottles. Using just a few materials you can make your own art glass yard decor piece, certain to catch the sun and reflect a fun and rainbow like light all over! Once the stones have had a chance to dry, poke the dowel rod into the ground and place the jar over the top of it.
Make a variety of them to place in your gardens and flower beds as they are sure to add a pop of color and even some fun whimsy to your garden!
Since we don’t have electricity on the porch yet I decided to whip up some soft lighting for the evening hours and decided solar was the only way to go.
I purchased the solar garden stakes at Menards, but they sell them every where (the dollar store, Wally world, any home improvement store, or hardware).

We find it a lot easier to move them than trying to mow or tweed what around the originals . Make Life Lovely is dedicated to making everyday life more lovely, and I hope to inspire you and show you how! For variety, visit your local thrift stores or flea markets for interesting and decorative glass bottles to use for your crafts. Use a sponge applicator found at craft stores to apply the jewel-tone paint to the surface of the bottle. Rip the tissue paper into small pieces, then coat a small area of the bottle with the decoupage medium using a paintbrush. The vase fillers should be colored glass, the flat kind found at your local Dollar Tree or dollar store. Don’t forget to save the stems you can always use the for there intended purpose in your garden if you decided to do so.
Using a glue stick or other strong glue, attach flat-edged glass beads, colored sea glass pieces and seashells to the bottle.
All I did was remove the stem (the part that pokes into the ground) and run a bead of hot glue around the rim of the jar. Brush more decoupage medium over the tissue paper, and repeat this process until the bottle is covered. Allow it to dry, add decorative touches like marbles or flat-edged beads and crystals with a hot-glue gun.

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