Answer:A The Evo-Stik Serious Stuff Ultra Power Solvent free Adhesive White 290 ml is what is known as an MS Polymer type of adhesive that once applied, cures by absorbing moisture in the air to a hard rubber. Answer:A The Evo-Stik Serious Stuff Ultra Power Adhesive White 290 ml is a type of adhesive known as an MS Polymer and cures to a hard rubber by absorbing moisture in the air, The product can be used for bonding two non porous surfaces as long as air can get to it and it will cure from the edges inwards. It will bond to most surfaces including wood, concrete, most plastics and rubbers as well as metal and this includes lead. I can confirm that our Evostik Serious Stuff Ultra has initial grab but will be at its strongest after 17 - 24 hours. Before applying make sure that the surfaces are of a sound nature and are clean, dry, dust free and free of contamination.

However, ( in common with many adhesives ) if used for bonding vinyl you will get a chemical reaction over a period of time known as plasticiser migration which results in the adhesive and vinyl liquefying into each other, so in this instance, we would not recommend the product for this particular application. After application to one surface, and the surfaces are brought together, you will have a few minutes adjustment time before it starts to cure. Full cure will be approximately 24 hours and the application will need supporting during this time.

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