Make your graduation party the focus of all your guests for the great celebration of a job well done as well as your bright future. Catch the rays of the sun and make your whole yard glow when you make this easy art glass yard decor piece.
We found everything we needed between our local craft store, dollar store, and recycling bin. I bet it looks so pretty in the landscaping or garden – I have all sorts of bags of stones sitting around so now I have an idea for what to do with them! This gorgeous pincushion is made from a vintage, Bell China tea cup and saucer with an apple green leaf print and with softly time-worn, fluted and gilded rims on both the cup and saucer. The wonderful thing about candy bouquets is they can be given to anyone.  They can be a birthday present, boss gift, husband gift, graduation gift (slip some gift cards in  between the candy), Mother's Day (place flowers randomly around the candy), a treat for someone in the hospital, etc.  You name it!  Another great gift for someone with a flower allergy!  Wedding center piece?? Create the hot air balloon graduation card box with paper weaving to make it look like the balloon’s basket. Design the stacked books with cool, modern gift wrap in colorful prints to coordinate with the theme of you graduation party. Impress your graduation party with a printed out wallet sized pictures of different stages at school, mount them on CS and attach to lollipop sticks.

To bring out the key to success theme to the table design, place keys and key holes around the table. Personalize your backdrop for the graduation party with a collage of photos from different stages of your school life.
Create this fabulous graduation party collection in honor of the accomplishments of the graduate with black and white damask plates and napkins, brush stroke cupcake wrappers.
This graduation party features the stunning cake with a beautiful girl in floral dress wearing a graduate’s cap at the top. Decorate your graduation party in vintage style with photo backdrop and table stands decorated with lace ribbon bow toppers. Use natural burlap ribbon wrapped around vases and a scholarly-looking bust for the centerpiece decoration. This gorgeous diamond ring banner is perfect for a graduation party with its sweet outlook. This bachelorette party kits are perfect to make your graduation party super special with a paint bucket gift container. Using just a few materials you can make your own art glass yard decor piece, certain to catch the sun and reflect a fun and rainbow like light all over!

Once the stones have had a chance to dry, poke the dowel rod into the ground and place the jar over the top of it.
Make a variety of them to place in your gardens and flower beds as they are sure to add a pop of color and even some fun whimsy to your garden! Personalize your graduation party by following these 25 useful tips to catch everyone’s attention. The vase fillers should be colored glass, the flat kind found at your local Dollar Tree or dollar store. I have embellished the cushion with a mini haberdashery selection of buttons, fabric flower and a hand tied silky bow.

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