The advancement of technology has beckoned in a number of innovative solutions for showers, creating a smart, practical and beautiful addition to your bathroom. Frameless shower screen – the ultimate in innovation, achieve a clean, clear look with a frameless shower screen and get the best indulgent experience. At Packers, we are proud to deliver unique framed and frameless shower screen solutions for our Adelaide residents. The low profile sill design, combined with it’s unique pivot system, ensures the Integrity reflects the latest in design aesthetics and technology. After winning an “Australian Design Mark” award for its unique features and smooth contoured profiles, the Integrity is one of the safest and most proven enclosures in Australia today.
Integrated Fixed PanelFixed panels are glazed directly into the outer frame, dramatically reducing the chance of residue accumulation. Sill OptionThe low profile design is foot friendly, unobtrusive and reduces external splashing for a cleaner, drier and safer bathroom. Low MaintenanceSmooth contoured profiles minimize soap and residue accumulation and the need for cleaning. Pivot SystemThe lowering effect of the stainless steel pin automatically reduces the sill gap on door closure, which further assists with elimination of external splashing and improved water resistance. Sill-Less OptionPerfect for handicap access the Integrity can be assembled without the bottom sill section (suitable tile fall is required in these applications).
The Milan is the perfect shower enclosure for those who are after the aesthetics of a semi frameless look but are restricted by budget.
The Milan’s features have set the bench mark for prefabricated shower enclosures in today’s market. Indulge your imagination and create a stunning bathroom with our semi-frameless Profile screen. Made to your specifications and with true design flexibility, the Profile deserves a place in every bathroom.
Frameless DoorMade from 6mm toughened glass the frameless door of the Profile belongs in every bathroom.
Water ResistanceUsing a stainless steel pivot pin, the Profile features a “positive close” low friction design mechanism, providing the benefit of whisper-quiet and trouble free operation.
Pivot MechanismThe Profile can be specifically made to include magnetic or non-magnetic seal closers, minimizing water leakage.
Low MaintenanceSmooth contoured profiles minimize soap and residue accumulation, reducing the need for regular cleaning. Mirrors not only add space and light to a room, they add interest and can bring it to life.

Available in almost any configuration, mirrors are available in 4mm or 6mm with options of a sleek simple polished edged or with single or double bevelled edge profiles. About UsM&B Construction is a certified construction company that specializes in installing and repairing solariums and skylights.
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One of the most depressing experiences in politics is to listen to a focus group discuss Labour and the NHS. FYBMS Exams to commence from 18th Oct 2016Mumbai University dropped a bomb on students and more so on professors as it announced FYBMS exams to commence on 18th Oct 2016. Tell us about yourself, your background, why did you join BMS and what do you plan to do after BMS? Results of TYBMS SEM-V OLD Examinations which were held in the month of April 2016 are declared on 16th July 2016.
Our BMS Team has been receiving a lot of calls and messages enquiring if the TYBMS Sem 6 Results 2016 are going to be declared soon.
A place to freshen up, get ready for the day or wind down for the night, a place to indulge and escape the everyday grind for a few moments.
Get the sleek, clean look of a frameless shower, while also benefitting from the strength and look of a framed piece.
Whether you want to go with a framed classic or a more cutting edge frameless design, our team of professionals can help. Favoured by homeowners and builders alike, the Integrity is the perfect solution if you are after an economical, custom built shower screen in a choice of finishes. Perfect for the DIY minded buyer the Milan provides Packers quality in a flexible, off-the-shelf design. It allows for rapid installation and provides a great all round alternative at fantastic value. The fully frameless door combined with it’s smooth outer perimeter frame creates an affordable option for those seeking a more frameless appearance. The combination of sleek pivots and the option of 180` door swing enables inward as well as outward door opening if required, providing maximum use of any bathroom area.
The lowering effect of the design automatically reduces the gap between door and sill on closure, dramatically improving water resistance. This feature combined with the sleek bottom frame means your bathroom remains drier and safer at all times. The decision about mirrors is an easy one, it now comes down to how far you want to go to create the perfect space.

Construction & Repair Services in Toronto, Misssissauga, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton and Southern Ontario. Any size and shape, your choice of roof and frame finishes, doors and other additional features.
In addition, M&B Construction installs windows and doors, where several examples of their work can be seen on this website. This is the first time since the inception of the BMS course that the FYBMS exams will be conducted centrally through the Mumbai University. With Packers, we understand the need for a bathroom that is designed exactly to your specifications, which is why we offer four different shower screen options for our Adelaide clients. The timeless elegance of a fully frameless Madison shower screen will not only enhance the value of any bathroom it will create an environment where you can feel totally pampered. M&B Construction specializes in installing and repairing sunrooms and solariums with over 20 years of professional experience. No matter how bad the health service’s performance, there is a feeling that it is safest in the hands of the party that created it. For more information or to request a quote, fill out the form to the right and one of our friendly representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. Apart from a short period in the run-up to the 2010 election, Labour has comfortably outstripped other parties on the issue in the polls, to the extent that it currently enjoys a 30-point lead. The NHS is such an electoral asset that Ed Miliband is expected to make it a central part of his campaign to be Prime Minister – not least because he lags so badly on so many other issues, such as economic competence and personal credibility. Most notorious is the treatment of Julie Bailey, the ex-nurse whose mother was killed by neglect at Mid Staffs, who has been the targeted of venomous abuse for speaking out about it. In fact, the polls show that in the wake of revelations about Labour-era scandals such as at Mid Staffs, it is actually the Tories who are blamed. The Care Quality Commission, which Labour established, has recently been exposed for covering up abuse.
It should not only be overhauled, but forced to produce simple, trusted league tables advising people about hospital safety and standards, much like Ofsted does for schools.

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