Now we are able to offer window regulator replacement at a low price and most of the window regulators we have and can install the same day. For example a 1997 Honda Civic 2 door a new window regulator installed for the drivers door runs $110.00 and that price includes the tax, labor and FREE mobile service to your place. So when it comes to that door window shaking or making a clicking sound and not wanting to roll up or down properly than it could very well be that window regulator has gone bad and you might need to replace it. If you have your own window regulator than we can install them for around $55.00 each if you choose not to do it yourself.

Some of the regulators are not that bad to do it yourself, but than again some can make you feel clueless when you take the door pannel off and look inside.
To avoid certain windshield leaks auto glass technician’s should not take certain short cuts when installing a windshield.
Beacon Hill Glass services customers through out the city of Redmond, WA and surrounding neighborhoods. We are a mobile glass shop specializing in residential home window glass services window glass replacement.

Our contractor will come to you for a free in-house consultation and provide a free estimate with no hassle, pressure and sales pitch. No matter how big or small the job, the window glass contractors at Beacon Hill glass are always here to help.

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