At Fox Valley Glass, whether we’re speaking Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer, our primary objective is getting your job done right the first time, and within budget. We stand out from other companies providing the same service in not only our workmanship but the products we use as well. At Fox Valley Glass we understand that most of our customers have never had to deal with glass damage until it happens. Since 1979, Glass on the Move has offered auto glass repair services to Oakland, Hayward, Berkeley and surrounding areas. In the past, any damage to the windshield meant replacing the entire pane, but now minor windshield repairs are simple and cheap.
American Windshield Repair Bridge: This small compact design allows the windshield repair virtually anywhere. Our patented American Windshield Repair Bridge design is made from Aluminum and Stainless Steel.
From gravel and ice to random objects that find their way onto the road, there are countless ways that a windshield can suffer a chip or small crack. Not every crack or chip requires a total windshield replacement if you are smart about getting the damage taken care of. In fact, many comprehensive coverage insurance plans will waive the deductible, which means there’s no cost to you.

The best thing you can do for a chip in your windshield, is to pick up the phone and make an appointment at the Rydell service center. The longer you wait to get it repaired, the more chance there is of contaminants getting lodged in there and compromising the structural integrity of the windshield.
Your family safety is our number one goal and we strive diligently to give you the products and services that you want and need. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of ignoring a seemingly innocuous chip or crack.
You may think this requires extensive windshield repair work in Grand Forks, or even a total replacement, but that may not be the case.
Our trained technicians can handle most chips that are smaller than a half dollar coin as well as cracks ¾ of an inch or smaller.
The faster you get your windshield repair appointment in Grand Forks, the better off you’ll be. If you can get it to us before it gets too bad, you can count on a lifetime guarantee on the car chip repair that our highly skilled team will perform. Call Rydell today at (877) 627-3776 to schedule an appointment to get your chip or small crack fixed quickly so you can get on with your life.
A small chip or crack can spread quickly with a change in pressure or temperature, and that can be the difference between a repair and a replacement for you.

Additionally, the FMCSA prohibits broken auto glass if it poses an obstruction to the driver’s vision to the front or rear of the car. By neglecting simple glass repairs, you run the risk of paying expensive legal fines in addition to the costs of windshield repair or replacement. Trauma to the glass such as slamming doors, flying pebbles, extreme temperature differences, or rough driving conditions can extend the damage.
If the damage becomes severe enough, it could compromise the structural integrity of the entire windshield.
Generally, windshield repair costs about $50-$60, whereas replacing an entire windshield can cost several hundred dollars. Many insurance companies will waive the deductible and cover the entire cost of repairing windshield damages.
Serving the Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, Concord, and the rest of the Bay Area, we have the expertise and resources to provide you with reliable repairs.

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