Although conventional glass-bottomed boats are used for underwater sightseeing, they are usually slow and most of the excursion time is spent on reaching the sites. There has been an overall increase in the development of advanced commercial sea vessels in recent years. Your guide will regale you with information about the Bonaire Marine Park and the amazing array of marine creatures that you encounter along the way.
Mount up on one of these new and exciting Bonaire Dune Buggies for a day of adrenaline packed adventure. Your guide will have expert knowledge of the reefs and marine life you encounter, so feel free to ask any questions.
As a result of diligent stewardship of its marine resources - which have been legally protected since 1979 - Bonaire has been consistently ranked as the finest scuba diving and snorkeling destination in the Caribbean. Begin at the pier next to Bistro de Paris (located next to Harbour Village Marina) where you'll be greeted by friendly staff that will assist you as you step aboard a 32-foot, glass bottom boat. As you journey, your naturalist guide will regale you with information about the Bonaire Marine Park (considered one of the world's most successful marine protected areas) and the amazing array of marine creatures that you encounter along the way. Have your cameras at the ready as you marvel at the magnificent abundance of colorful tropical fish (including tangs, parrotfish, damsel fish, butterfly fish and angel fish) that move gracefully among the currents in a silent underwater ballet.
As you cruise back along the beautiful coastline of Bonaire en route to your pier, contemplate the undersea wonders you encountered.
Glass bottom boat and snorkel tours is rated one of the top things to do on Bonaire by visitors to the Tripadvisor website. We offer a 3-hour "2-Stop Snorkel Adventure" at Klein Bonaire with open bar, fresh fruit & free rental equipment.

Our glass bottom boat is equipped with powerful LED lights, providing over more than 1 million candle lights! The boat, named LOOKER, comes in various sizes and includes a huge 2X3 meters spheroid window made of 15mm-thick modified acrylic which Paritetboat claims is even stronger than the fiberglass of which the boat’s hull is composed.
For this reason, the conventional boats have a relatively small range and often do not reach many interesting sites. Explore the back roads and trails through the Island of Bonaire on these all terrain vehicles. It's the first and only company to use glass bottom canoes on the island of st Maarten in the Caribbean. You can experience the magical beauty of Bonaire's protected undersea paradise without even getting wet!
Take a seat anywhere along the 9.8' x 2.62' glass viewing panel that runs through the center of the boat - all seats are comfortable and offer great viewing! You'll receive a short introduction to your fascinating eco-tour as well as a safety briefing (which includes a life vest, of course). Your destination: the crystalline waters off Klein Bonaire - an unspoiled, uninhabited island less than a mile from Bonaire.
Indulge in a refreshing water or soda as you check your Bonaire reef fish ID card to see how many fish you can identify! You will surely come away with a sense of awe and appreciation of the delicate eco-system that is life on the coral reef. During our 2-hour sunset cruise we will show you the night critters, such as lobster and octopus.

It's a great way to see marine life and go further along the coast than you would if you were snorkelling.
Simply embark on this leisurely glass bottom boat cruise that takes you to one of the best preserved and protected reefs in the world! Then sit back and take in the refreshing ocean breeze as you set out across the glistening Caribbean en route to the Bonaire National Marine Park.
Prepare yourself for unparalleled beauty and wonder as your glass bottom boat drifts along several dive sites with names like 'Nearest Point,' 'Ebo's Reef' and 'Buddy's Reef.' These sites (which are all part of the Bonaire marine preserve) offer up some of the most spectacular views of the delicate fringing coral reefs that include stands of elkhorn and staghorn coral, often with fire coral, patch reefs, and dense stands of soft corals. And if you're lucky, you may even glimpse delightfully playful dolphins that frolic amongst the azure waves. Glass bottom canoes are also an excellent way to look at marine life without being in the water, if you're a little nervous.
Mysterious and lovely, these life-giving reefs are inhabited by a dazzling spectrum of reef fish. For kids it's a fantastic way to look at all the fish as it's often difficult for them to put on snorkels and masks.
Iddo was awarded the 2006 Bar Hillel philosophy of science prize for his work on the relationship between science and technology. He is a member of the board of the lifeboat foundation and was the editor of several high-profile science and technology websites since 1999.

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