Carb holeBlaze glass – Premium Double Cylinder Spiral Perc Ice Bong – Pink This premium straight cylinder bong from Blaze Glass is a real bargain for the price, the build quality borosilicate glass 5mm thick, round a stable, and a glass pink double spiral percolator for smoother, more flavorful smoke is less harsh on the throat and lungs! Welcome to Olympic Glass Works, a San Diego Based Glass Lab where we specialize in high quality Glass Pipes, Bongs and scientific glass pieces that can easily compete with big brands, but at less then half the price.
We have listed only few most popular items awarded as the most efficient smoking accessories in 2012 by the most popular magazines.
If you're looking for the finest produced glass bongs anywhere at the most affordable prices, congratulations! In the world of bongs there are indeed a lot of choices, but the only one that matters is the right choice. If your intention is to be discrete or you have a tiny room, a simple handheld bong works best. Yet, it's proven that glass bongs provide a greater experience as being heated doesn't result in vapors or fumes. At the end of the journey, glass bongs and water pipes are the ideal choice and Olympic Glass Works is the online store to get them.
Cons:After prolonged use the twists do get clogged and if you don't clean it at least semi-frequently, eventually you'll lose air flow. Comments:A very comfortable piece, it will forever be in my memory, as it was my first bong. Cons:The bowl it came with was broken, it's just those cheaper ones but was still slightly sad. Comments:I ordered it for my boyfriend because he's been using my 5inch boring looking thing and when you hit it too hard you get water in your mouth. Comments:I ordered the blue and gold looking one and noticed it said "Black" by it when I ordered it, but didn't think much of it. Cons:I wish the colors were a little bit more vibrant, as the picture shows, but I am still a big fan. Cons:The glass on the bottom is thinner than the rest of the glass, but if you take care of it it wont be a problem. Comments:Great piece, would highly reccomend to anyone who wants a quality bong, but doesnt want to spend to much. Pros:Perfect size for an individual, the twist serves as a perfect ice catcher and the neck glass is nice and thick.
Cons:The bowl was on the smaller side and was a different color than the picture, but other than that, I 100% recommend this piece. Comments:-Its hard to come up with a good name that doesn't involve the word hurricane in it. Pros:The pipe comes exactly as shown in the picture, and it hits very smoothly for one as cheap as it is. Cons:The bowl piece that it comes with is kinda small, good to hold onto if you want to load small bowls but I would recommend getting a larger bowl. Pros:This piece is truly incredible, I recommend it to all, the glass is very thick all around and the slide is wide and shallow.
Comments:Very good bong I reccomend getting it and it ships really quickly if u spend the extra to get priority mail. Mine comes with more colors then the one in the pictures but It Hits Like a Beast, its an awesome hitting bong. This bong is awesome and the look is even better but it does have a tiny carb its also a bit low., still a great piece though!!
Pros:When you take a big hit that's too much to inhale, inhale that, exhale and you can take another hit right after that!

Comments:There are great deals on great products here, I will definitely give referrals to my friends. Pros:just got this peice bout 20 minits ago and boy does it rip first off,its smaller then what i thought it would be but still a great little bong!!
Cons:some of the glass where the colors where fumed on has a pull of glass sticking up a little, other than that NOTHING! Pros:This thing is a boss it looks great unique and hits amazing really smooth but packs the necessary punch from a bong. Cons:The bowl that comes with it is very small enough to get one or two people up there but no more unless you keep packin it which can be done.
Comments:The stem on the slider did break about 4 months after i had it while i was cleaning it however it was stil usable in the bong just not as long of a slide.
Pros:This bong is so perfect for me, I'm a girl and I wanted to buy my first bong and I had been looking online to find the perfect one for me!
Cons:There were none besides it was a little scratched when I got it and the green isn't as green as it was in the picture it's more of a line!
Comments:I read some bad reviews about this website and how you can't even get ahold of them and they scam people or send broken things, none of this I found was true!
Pros:This strangely beautiful pipe scores 5 stars for size, weight, grip, comfort, portability and above all, the pleasure from smoking my tobacco through it.
Man, I love the selection they have as well as the great prices, not to mention awesome sale prices! This site is so easy to use that you can navigate through it after using their merchandise. I Live in western va and my order came through priority mail and my glass pipes were here in two days!!!
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Hand blown clear glass water pipes tubes with flat base are about 16 to 17 inches tall and super thick. Cons:The bowl it came with was broken and the downstem was a shower head downstem that was about 2 inches long so I have a feeling they just grab random accessories to mail along with these pieces. Comments:To prevent glass on glass lockup with bowl and downtube, coat the glass with a fine layer of olive or other cooking oil. Cons:The glass around the nipple is far too thin plus the blow it comes with doesnt make sense, too big in every aspect. Comments:I got an inline ashcatcher and the perculated downstem (like a mini tree perc) and I'm loving this water pipe.
Comments:Got the perculator downstem (small tree perc in the downstem) as well as an inline ashcatcher. Pros:This is really nice I have owned 500 dollar glass tubes before and this is a great bang for your buck, and it came in two days you guys rock keep up the good work.
Comments:Hits smooth and i was expecting a cheap bowl and I was wrong nice and thick really am pleased will buy here again. Notches in the tube ice cubes to cool celebrates his bong hit and a protective splash of pink glass keeps the water away from the nozzle.
We put our nose to the grindstone creating the best glass pipes, high quality bongs and other scientific glass pieces that will stand up to any higher priced competitor.
On top of that, no branding cuts on production costs, a savings we can then pass on to you, the loyal customer. This may require a little more care on your part, as opposed to bongs created from other materials.

Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have to ensure your online experience is a positive one!
Also, you will need to purchase a couple extra sliders, as they do get weak and break after some use. I ordered that bong one year ago and it sadly broke within a week due to someone hitting their elbow on it. I'd recommend using this site more than I would most other places especially because its so cheap and good quality. I left it out in my garage a few hours ago and my cat knocked it down, I cried I'm not gonna lie it's the only pipe or water pipe I was attached to because it was the first thing I bought with my first paycheck, my first pipe or water pipe ever so I was pretty heart broken when it broke.
I smoked out of this bong daily for around six months until my friend busted it getting up.
I found the phone number at the bottom of the contact page and the guy who answered was very nice and let me know my package was being shipped! Bong is made in pure design with decent blue dots on the moutpiece and decorations on the base. This is the 4th pipe of this kind I have gotten from gogo, always been very pleased with them. They really package it well so if it is broken, someone along the way must have really roughed up the box. I broke my first one a said above and started to smack the pipe part of the water pipe against cement, it didn't break. Plenty of room for ice, downstem, and can support a large ashcatcher and stand (on a table at least).
The downstem at my local shop also had a little extra glass that sat above the joint when seated into their tube’s glass on glass joint, the same height too; I think they‘re designed like this.
I'm not labeling this as a con because I love the coloring so much and decided I wanted a different colored piece anyway after I ordered it. I am a female and the little blue ring around the top that it came with instead of the black was the icing on the cake. Parts always fit too, I have consistently received the same bowl with my orders which is high quality. If you're looking for a respectable starter piece that doesn't feel cheap, you're in the right place! His aim was to create a glass smoking device that will not only increase the smoking pleasure for the smoker, but a "bong" that will also conveniently pass off as an exquisite art piece. And I thought the other reviews were made by the website because a lot were on the same day and in the same hour and that was sketchy! So good to see that even in this mixed up world there are people like you who have your priorities Straight. It had a special place in my heart I got it when I was 16 and now I'm an adult so it's always been the coolest one out of all of my friends it got stolen from me for a while then I got it back by finding it on Facebook, and now that it's gone forever is heart renching, although I'm buying another one from gogopipes this Thursday I will never find any pipe ever that I will be attached to like this one.
Mine is almost the exact as the picture except the Rastas got feathery designs rather then swirl, the rings on the mouth piece are teal and the slider was red and bigger then it looks I the pic!
But over all this was a great website although I'm planning on buying a bowl piece at the local flee market in 2 days to save money on shipping and having to wait an extra day to get here!
Our company produces high quality products that are all handmade from strong, heat resistant Pyrex glass.

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