For years Dillmeier Glass has been a prominent leader in providing UV bonded cases for retail environments, airports, office applications and more. Using UV adhesives, the finished bond is crystal clear in appearance, with the bond being stronger than the glass itself. Glass Bonding is an innovative technology which opens new and exciting opportunities for designing frameless glass… for all sorts of applications. Heron Cabinets expertise in Glass Bonding and meticulous attention to detail is of paramount importance and shows in the high quality of the finished Bonded glass products we manufacture. At Stratton Glass and windows we can provide you with customised glass furniture such as TV stands, coffee tables, cabinets and more without the use of any fixings using the seamless technology of UV bonding. This can all be created in our workshop in Norfolk ready for collection from either Diss or Long Stratton offices. Dillmeier Glass is a 2011 Bohle certified UV bonding Company with climate-controlled, clean rooms for bonding.
UV Bonding glass is a very specialized process that needs to be completed in a a€?clean rooma€? environment by specialists who have been trained in the bonding of glass. High strength bonding of glass to glass, glass to metal, glass to ceramic or glass to plastic can be achieved with flat glass, float glass, tempered glass, and a myriad of other glass types. High strength bonding of glass to glass, or glass to metal, can be achieved with flat glass, float glass, tempered glass, and a myriad of other glass types.

A unique product has been developed to facilitate the creation of decorative glass used in windows, doors, mirrors, lighting, goblets, vases, and other household accessories. Tangent Industry’s glass adhesive product line has given artists and entrepreneurs a new, exciting avenue of glass based construction. Examples at left are from McLemore Display Company’s line of glass shelving, display cases, and racks.
View the glass bonding adhesive selections listed below for a possible candidate for your application. UV Bonding is a system that allows us to join glass together to create showcases totally free from mechanical fixings. From display cabinets to household furniture, Museums to shop window displays, the slick clean lines of glass can be joined permanently to create stunning displays …the range of uses is endless! The seam is translucent giving the effect that the glass is held invisibly, with the bond being stronger than the glass itself.
From its inception over 15 years ago, Tangent Industries continues to develop new light curable adhesives and polymers that address the evolving challenges of glass assembly. Full cure is achieved in seconds, which yields faster assembly time and lower process costs.
Distinctive patterns can be chipped into glass using Tangent Industries exclusive Chip-In-Place polymer.

Please contact Tangent Industries to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations. UV Bonding can be used in many ways, for example, glass shelves can be seamlessly bonded onto mirrors and display cabinets can be made with no fixings all to your own designs. Typical applications include glass lamination, signage, display cases, glass furniture, jewelry, affixing window latches, and cutting edge optical assemblies.
The advantage of this polymer over other methods and materials is that Chip-In-Place is low odor, fast curing with UV light, and produces finished patterns in hours, not days!
In the event that these standard products do not satisfactorily address your performance requirements, Tangent will investigate other solutions that include development of adhesive specifically tailored to the complexity of your application.
This eliminates long waiting periods, space-consuming racking, and the high cost of inventory. The product is also available in gel viscosity which allows curved and vertical surfaces to be etched.

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