I think we all have had a time where you had some nice budz but a bowl was nowhere in sight.
Man, I love the selection they have as well as the great prices, not to mention awesome sale prices! This site is so easy to use that you can navigate through it after using their merchandise. I Live in western va and my order came through priority mail and my glass pipes were here in two days!!! By subscribing to our mailing list you will always be updated with the latest news from us.

Now we have two factories in Cangzhou, Hebei province, and one factory in Zibo, Shandong Province.
It is such an awesome bowl there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and it rips like a champ. If I could afford two, when I bought one I would have bought 2, one to smoke and one to display. So good to see that even in this mixed up world there are people like you who have your priorities Straight.
I think the AR15 may be a steamroller since I do not see the stem for the water like the AK47.

The AR15 is on display in a museum in Florida and according to the artist's website the AK47 was sold.

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Comments Glass blowing bongs and pipes

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