Artist Niyoko Ikuta Uses Layers of Laminated Sheet Glass to Create Spiraling Geometric Sculptures. I am captivated by the complexity of light as it reflects, refracts, and passes through broken cross sections of plate glass. Honle LED UV and LED Visible Light curing equipment offers unique features including intensity output control, multi-cycle programmability, RS232 interface for external programming and operation, and menus that can be displayed in four languages. As a recognized leader in UV curing technology, Hoenle UV offers the broadest range of LED UV curing equipment in the industry.
Typical service life of the LED array is 10,000 hours, after which it can be replaced with a new array. Hoenle LED equipment offers unique features that include intensity output control, multi-cycle programmability, RS232 interface for external programming and operation, and menus that can be displayed in four languages. For maximum efficiency and shortest curing cycle, pair Hoenle LED equipment with LEDcure adhesives and sealants from Tangent Industries Inc.
Hook and loop fasteners are easy to use, quick solution which provides an alternative to other fastening solutions including nails, screws or glue.

The high tack rubber adhesive system that we use will ensure a strong quick bond to a variety of surfaces. Also available are self adhesive hook & loop coins, these are just perfect for displays. If you're trying to tidy any cables or indeed need to bundle anything then our self gripping ties are just what you need.
All of the above is held in-stock and is shipped via our  next working day courier, should you need your hook and loop a little different then we can help, our extensive range of converting machinery enables us to create any hook and loop gasket or tape or shape you could need. In 1980 I began making artwork by laminating sheets of glass using adhesive and exposing the cross sections. Light footprint options range from 0.5mm diameter point systems to linear arrays that can exceed one meter in length. Most Hoenle power supplies will drive multiple LED heads that can be programmed for sequential or independent actuation. Available from our shelves to your door in 13mm diameter (1,500 per roll) or 22mm diameter (1,000 per roll) in black or white.

My motifs are derived from feelings of gentleness and harshness, fear, limitless expansion experienced through contact with nature, images from music, ethnic conflict, the heart affected by joy and anger, and prayer. With Hoenle LED uv curing equipment, you have the option of selecting the curing wavelength most suitable to the adhesive or sealant being cured. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Also widely used in the retail environment, helping to secure promotional displays, toy applications, packaging and much more.
In creating my pieces it is like imagining an architectural space when viewing blueprints, deciding on an image by reading into the intentions of the architect, or imbuing a space with dynamic energy to bring it to life.

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