We all know that Microsoft has added a new theme "Aero Lite" in Windows 8 testing builds which is considered as a replacement for existing "Windows Basic" theme in Windows Vista and 7. Aero Lite theme is enabled by default in computer systems which don't support Aero interface. Today we are going to share a secret trick to enable or activate Aero Glass effect in Windows 8 "Aero Lite" theme. Dear this doesn't work in RTM yet you've referred it in you revised RTM-version of win8 feature-review. The only thing that's left is some trick that people do with the "high contrast" theme and the "color" options. You may be surprised to learn that many of the facts about health and nutrition that we take for granted aren’t facts at all. Extensive searches of published literature by Valtin and Tsindos found no scientific evidence for the notion that most people need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (2, 3).
This review sought to find the origin of this advice (called "8x8" for short) and to examine the scientific evidence, if any, that might support it. Other studies have come to similar conclusions that there is no evidence for drinking increased amounts of water (4). The water lost during normal metabolism and activity needs to be replaced but this doesn't specifically have to be through drinking water.
Staying hydrated is clearly essential but there are serious question marks over the current recommendations to drink eight glasses of water a day. 3)      Tsindos S "What drove us to drink 2 litres of water a day?" Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.
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Pues si os digo la verdad aero estaba muy bonito pero en todos los equipos con windows 7 que he usado lo he acabado por desactivar. Aero no se acercaba a los efectos de Compiz, de los cuales tambien termine por cansarme, son muy llamativos para usarlos de repente pero para el uso diario vaya que en lo personal me cansaba usarlos. Usamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar tu experiencia y realizar tareas de analitica. By Emily Benfit 187 Comments Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this postEveryone knows the old adage is true, right? Basically everything you’ve ever been taught about how much water you should be drinking is a big load of crap. My top 8 reasons why drinking all those glasses—instead of drinking according to your own body’s needs—is a bad idea. But, should you drink water to quench your thirst, and then wait til the next time you feel thirsty to do it again?
Think about this, the next time you reach for that water bottle, or go to chug down the last half of the glass you just poured. Most of the time, when people are drinking to the point of overhydration, their real answer is the latter.
Worse yet is when people are drinking to satisfy other physical needs their bodies are signaling—hunger especially. Even if you were supposed to be drinking 64 ounces of water every day, you’d be getting a significant portion of that simply by eating food.
And speaking of all the things you could be drinking which are not plain water, but very much contain significant amounts of it—why not drink those things instead?
Healthy, normal extracellular fluid likes to stay at what is called an isotonic solution—that means, it has about 9 grams of salt per liter of water. That’s because the specific gravity of urine is something that the field of veterinary medicine pays attention to (as do most responsible physicians). Drinking water all day long to the point that you’re peeing clear urine is a great way to get yourself into a hyponatremic state.
Like with many systems of the body, hydration requirements can be met in varying degrees, including reaching a point where the nutrient is no longer beneficial. What’s actually much more common—especially with the health-conscious crowd (which would be almost everyone reading this)—than dehydration is overhydration. What’s happening when you become overhydrated, is that extracellular fluid is becoming too dilute. To properly digest your food, you need appropriate levels of bile salts, hydrochloric acid, and other components of gastric acid.
The bottom line on overhydration is that it diminishes optimal performance of your body’s systems, instead of improving them. When your fluids are filled with too much water, your cells become too flooded to produce energy the way they’re supposed to.
This triggers a stress response, with your body overproducing hormones like adrenaline, and just generally causing your body to freak out on the inside, without you even realizing it. And when that happens chronically, such as is the case with people who have a Nalgene permanently cemented to their hand, it becomes even more difficult for for cells to hold onto the salts and sugar they need to work. Drinking too much water, day in and day out, perpetuates this cycle and leads to all the problems associated with a lowered metabolism.
Not any standardized, sweeping generalization of a blanket statement that’s not designed for your own specific needs which are far too variable for anyone to be giving you an exact prescription to follow. Generally, what you want to look for to make sure you’re not overdoing it, is that your urine has a nice yellow color to it, and that you only have to urinate once every few hours. Yeah except when you get kidney stones- plural- because you only drank when you were thirsty. I have had many kidney stones and drank the 8 8oz glass of water or more a day and had to have several removed. To be fair, Kidney stones can be caused by drinking drinks that are highly acidic, like soda, coffee or dehydration. This article was clearly written by someone who does not know enough about the human body to write about it. General rule… if you pee is not LIGHT yellow or colorless, you arent drinking enough.

Some good points, but I have yet to have an over-hydrated client, and a solid 90% are dehydrated.
An MSFN member 'BigMuscle' has implemented Aero Glass with transparency and blur for Windows 8. Because of debugging checks hardcoded in the app, you will notice some slow downs for typical window operations such as resize, move, minimize etc.
Since I am not the developer of this tool, all questions related to it should be asked to 'BigMuscle' at MSFN forum. This entry was posted in Articles, Windows 8 and tagged Aero Glass, Aero Glass for Win8, Blur, DWMLoader.exe, Transparency, Windows 8 on February 2, 2013 by Sergey Tkachenko.
You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F12 to disable the application, which will fix the black screen error. Listen in the MSDN Forums i found that they have the download link of this but the download links is dead. Click on "Save changes" button and get ready to enjoy Aero glass in "Aero Lite" (Windows Basic) theme.
Despite health professionals having cited the ‘8 glass rule’ for decades there isn’t actually any documented scientific evidence to support it. Heinz Valtin, a hydration expert and professor emeritus at Dartmouth Medical School, suggested that this recommendation most likely originated from the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council in 1945 and was based on no actual research, but in fact a casual guess. Although people with specific health concerns, such as kidney stones, benefit from drinking lots of water, there is no evidence to suggest that healthy individuals need to consume large quantities of water (2). The search included not only electronic modes but also cursory examination of the older literature that is not covered in electronic databases and, most importantly and fruitfully, extensive consultation with several nutritionists who specialise in the field of thirst and drinking fluids. In fact, studies on Saharan desert nomads showed people can consume minimal amounts of water in harsh environments (5).
The body loses water every day through breathing, perspiration, urination and bowel movement and these fluids need to be replenished.  Activity levels, hot climates, pregnancy, breastfeeding and medical conditions all impact on fluid balance. This can be in the form of other liquids and food such as soup, fresh fruits and vegetables, which can have 90 percent or more water by weight. Hydration needs vary from person to person and day to day.  The vast majority of healthy people adequately meet their daily hydration needs by letting thirst be their guide, and perhaps this should be the recommendation we communicate to the public. Por desgracia Microsoft ha eliminado dicha posibilidad de manera nativa pero desde MuyComputer os indicamos como podreis volver a disfrutar de ventanas y dialogos no solo del color que querais sino que tambien podreis disfrutar de transparencia. Windows 8 usa la interfaz metro y quizas les parecio inecesario, pero ese toque traslucido y de personalizacion eran agradables y definitivamente no me cansaba al usar diario mi PC. That even though it’s not asking for water, you should force down 8 more ounces and ignore the unpleasant biological feedback provided. That’s really what it is—complete and total ignorance of the biological signals your body is ingrained with to regulate itself. Are you drinking that because you’re thirsty, and your body is telling you it needs water? I’m pretty sure my two-year-old niece has been able to tell the difference between hunger and thirst since before she could talk. Grains and nuts have a very low water content, but you’re usually eating them with other foods that contain water.
But outside your cells—in your extracellular (sometimes called intersitial) fluid, is where you want the scale to tip toward sodium.
It’s a determinant in proper levels of both hydration and electrolyte balance—the number that determines the concentration of dissolved particles in the urine.
The extracellular fluids can be optimally-concentrated, sub-optimally concentrated, or overly concentrated. Having a need for food or water is not a problem you need to prevent—it’s a normal part of being alive. People are so paranoid about becoming dehydrated, yet almost no one is even considering the possibility that the pendulum could swing too far to the other side with this. That signals a stress response in the body, meaning that hormones which are designed to deal with acute and immediate stressors are being activated continunously, and will continue to be activated, the more a person is in a stressed and hypometabolic state. That’s because the straight water is no longer just that—it becomes water mixed with food in your belly. Eating the right kinds of foods to support metabolic health can make you quite thirsty—and that’s okay. And that’s because overhydration inhibits metabolism. How important is your metabolism? Electrolytes and glucose are the cells’ source of energy—kind of like little batteries for your mitochondria. Because your cells aren’t getting enough of what they need to produce energy, your body will try to conserve as much energy as it can.
It gets increasingly easier to become water intoxicated—with hyponatremia, low specific gravity of urine, and so forth—the more your metabolism continues to decline.
4-6 times per day is probably ideal, while being able to sleep through the night without having to go.
Feel like you need a little more guidance to figure out how to do this right and drink based off of your body’s signals and feedback?
Trust me, my nephew used to drink like 8 sodas everyday as a kid and ended up with kidney stones.
The article focuses on over hydration facts which is extremely rare to happen because the gap between 64oz and over hydration is immense as mentioned by someone here earlier. BTW… peeing all the time is a consequence of drinking water, peeing in the middle of the night is a consequence of drinking water before bed.
He didn’t fund his own study and have personal friends our any as test subjects to prove point. His tiny portable app Aero Glass for Win8 v0.2 hooks the DWM API in Windows 8 and creates real blur and transparency effects on window frames using Direct 2D and Direct 3D.
I pressed the start button on my keyboard, and the app separator bar along with my mouse cursor showed up. For decades, health professionals have been recommending the daily consumption of 8 glasses of water. It stated that "a suitable allowance of water for adults is 2.5 litres daily in most instances.
Valtin also noted that"Despite the seemingly ubiquitous admonition to "drink at least eight 8-oz glasses of water a day" (with accompanying reminder that beverages containing caffeine and alcohol do not count), rigorous proof for this counsel appears to be lacking.

Writing for the British Medical Journal in 2011, McCartney argued that the advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day is "thoroughly debunked nonsense", being spread by bottle water companies in order to make more profit (6).
Once the human body has lost between one and two percent of its total water supply, it recognises the need to replace this fluid through the mechanism of thirst. It can also be in the form of coffee, carbonated drinks and juice although these fluids will contain calories, sugar and caffeine and should not be a major portion of daily total fluid intake. Si me parece muy util lo de ajustar las ventanas empujandolas al borde de la pantalla, espero que eso no desaparezca o al menos que saquen algo que lo restaure! There’s a lot of pressure out there to do it, and do it a lot more than you naturally would want to.
If you eat a spoonful of instant coffee powder, and drink a glass of water—you did not just consume a different thing than coffee.
Sally Fallon says of lacto-fermented beverages, “Both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages—and even plain water—are poor substitutes for these health-promoting beverages.
They’re giving you an isotonic solution that provide hydration while maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance, sodium being of particular importance for those extracellular fluids. If you do—next time you see your vet, ask him or her what they would think if you told them that Fluffy’s pee is always completely clear or near-colorless. Just listen to the signals your body gives you—feed when hungry, drink when thirsty, sleep when tired. And the more the person continues to perpetuate the problem by drinking more and more water. Drinking to satisfy that thirst is fine, but downing a liter of water a half-hour before a meal can drown your stomach in fluids to the point where it has difficulty maintaining proper levels of digestive assimilants. These are all factors in glucose metabolism, which governs your blood sugar levels. When your extracellular fluids are concentrated appropriately—and not diluted with water all day long— it allows that metabolic system to do its job, which includes clearing sugar from the bloodstream and sending it into the cells, so that it can be used as fuel, or to be stored as glycogen. So when this happens, your cellular metabolism—that process of taking in fuel and producing energy—is shot. One of the first things your body will do to accomplish that is reduce circulation, because it wants to keep blood flow closer to vital organs—instead of your hands and feet, which is why they get cold. My totally radical, revolutionary, earth-shattering advice on the amount of water you should be drinking? It just takes far less knowledge, skill, time, and effort to eat fast food than it does to learn how to bake a chicken breast. The Department of Health and NHS Choices also cite this in their guidance to the public (1). Another good measure to determine if the body needs fluid is assessing the colour of urine-  if it's very dark, it's unlikely that enough fluids are taken. In terms of water source, there's nothing miraculous about water from a glass as opposed to water from food or any other beverage. Your body does all the thinking for you, and tells you to breathe, blink, or poop according to its needs.
So, feeling cold hands and feet is  a good sign that your stress response is being activated, and a damaging cascade of stress hormones has begun to flow. Try to become more aware of how much fluid you’re taking in, in proportion to the amount of energy (calories) you consume.
My friend Matt Stone is kind of a crazy guy, and his style is a bit of an acquired taste, but he’s one of the smartest dudes out there when it comes to this kind of stuff.
After consuming sugar (simple or complex carbs) eventually blood sugar drops and we get hungry again. There is however, no documented scientific evidence that we need this amount of pure water. Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods." (2) By ignoring the last sentence, the advice can easily be misinterpreted to mean drinking eight glasses of water a day is recommended. The kind of disordered thinking that’s behind the message of drinking to satisfy hunger is born of other messed-up behavior and cultural attitudes about health, diet, and body image.
Same thing goes with juice, milk, tea, soda—and healthy crunchy hippie drinks like kombucha, kvass, kefir, and all that. It causes the fluid outside of the cells to shift inside the cells through osmosis, causing them to swell. This is your body lowering its metabolism, just so its most basic functions can continue to work.
We eat dinner when we can after a long day of work, then snack at night because we can, it’s our only unrestricted time to eat.
In fact, I would wager much of body weight in obese Americans isn’t actually fat, except in the cases of Atkins fanatics or Midwesterners but an unhealthy mix of water and carbonated drinks.
Remember that the DWM is the way everything is displayed in Windows 8, so if you ruin that bit, it’s done. We all know that Microsoft has removed the Aero look from windows borders and the taskbar in Windows 8, that was introduced since Windows Vista.
Unless you literally eat your butter by the spoonful, which, even I’m not weird enough to do. The swollen cells cause increased intracranial pressure in the brain, which leads to some of the first unpleasant symptoms of water intoxication (overhydration, see more on that below), such as headaches, drowsiness, irritability, and other changes in behavior. But most don’t really know what to look for with water intoxication, nor do they correlate the symptoms with the right problem so it can be addressed.
Hyponatremia is associated with bone fracture in the elderly, increased incidence of myocardial infarction, and more serious issues.
Also personal attacks and judgements on others reviews & opinions is not ok to others if do.
If you’re eating watery foods and drinking those things on top of drinking a bunch of water, you could very easily be overdoing it on the H2O. Secure Boot is a security feature that stops malware in its tracks and makes Windows 8 significantly more resistant to attacks.

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