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Rise of Social Networking websites - Employees are sharing information about their jobs and colleagues are arming hackers with the ammunition to conduct sophisticated attacks.
Ready Markets for hacked information - Hackers steal financial and personally identifiable information (PII) and are able to easily sell this information to others who use it for financial gain.
Reduced profitability from SPAM - Due to increased diligence and improved SPAM filters, hackers profits from SPAM have reduced.
Mobile Devices and Tablets increasingly used for messaging - With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) increasingly become the new norm, employees are increasingly using mobile devices and tablets to check messages.
Low Cost computing - Hackers can get a server, whitelisted IP’s, a domain name and an SSL cert for less than $50. The contents of the message will be personalized and will attempt to get users to click on a link or open an attachment. SPAM filters fail to block targeted spear phishing attacks because these emails are difficult to distinguish against legitimate emails.
Endpoint protection solutions provide protection against known malware signatures but these solutions aren’t regularly deployed on smartphones and tablets where most messages are checked.
Phishing awareness training services are great at increasing employee awareness, however, research shows that employees begin to forget their training within days of receiving it. About us In today’s mobile, information-on-demand world, personal and company data is at greater risk than ever before.

When you choose Ramco BPO's Human Resource practice, you get a partner who will help you transform your business process in a way that is most suitable for you. Benefit from competency-driven strategic HR processes, a business rule driven administrative and payroll processes, robust workflow, and user-defined security.
Effectively address policy, and statutory and regulatory requirements as and when they change.
An optimal combination of run-time parameters and configurable business rules are complemented by utilities for handling mass data changes and complex processing requirements. Customers can opt for new modules without having to disrupt existing arrangements, thanks to the web-based application. You can keep up with your growth plans without worrying about additional manpower, technology or infrastructure needs. As a result of end-to-end automation in HCM operations, you stand to gain from enhanced efficiency through seamless process consistency and accuracy. Being a browser-based application that can be accessed from any system, it requires no additional components to be installed.
We offer you a team of HR & payroll professionals working on next-generation applications with constant feature enhancements and upgrades. If you can't find the clipart your looking for then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help.
Therefore, they are gravitating to more targeted, lower volume phishing, spear phishing and social engineering attacks. The reduced display footprint and lack of endpoint protection on the typical device make these form factors increasingly susceptible to attacks.

At Astra IDentity, our sole focus is to protect you, your employees and your business from increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks. It is a strategic initiative that gives you the freedom to automate the routine, non-creative tasks and turn your attention to what is really important—your growth, long-term sustainability, and good ROI. You get to benefit from world-class HR solutions, infrastructure, domain experts and quality services. As a result, you can easily perform activities like screening large volumes of resumes based on user-defined criteria, processing large volumes of leave applications, rule-driven attendance processing and payroll processing, and pre-processing checks to ensure precision and extensiveness of data.
All screens are provided with an on-line help facility; customer-specific on-line help and documentation. Enjoy both hard and soft cost savings by processing your non-value adding activities, eliminating the hidden HR operations costs, and by streamlining your services and systems. By automating cumbersome and routine activities, you are free to focus on your organization's core competencies. With effective HR best practices in place, you get access to world-class technology, people and processes.

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