1- ????? ?????? Run ?? ???? ???? (???? ????) ??? ????? cmd.exe ?? ???? ???? ? ?? ?? ???? ????. Qytec Domain-IP Locator is one handy piece of software developed to help you find the location of an IP.
Especially aimed at those who want to see as much information as possible about either an IP or a domain name, Qytec Domain-IP Locator comes with a well thought out interface to interact with its users. It may seem a bit cluttered at the first look, but the GUI is actually well-organized, as it's supposed to group all available options in just a single screen. There are three ways to get more information on an IP: you can perform a simple IP locating, an advanced one or use the domain name, but in all cases the IP or the domain needs to be online.
If the simple version requires only the IP, the advanced and the domain modes even let you choose the server to be used in the process.

There are no settings available, but Qytec Domain-IP Locator lets users add new whois servers for both the IP and the domain utilities, while also providing a dedicated option to save the IP list to TXT.
Qytec Domain-IP Locator doesn't slow down the system in any way and relies on a very fast checking engine, but keep in mind that an Internet connection is required. Overall, Qytec Domain-IP Locator may be a very appealing product for a handful of users, but although it does what it says with minimum effort, it still needs a couple of new features to become a bit more advanced.
If you want to have a website or a blog on your home server, your website should have a name assigned. It would be bizarre, that visitors or you constantly type your IP address in the web browser.
After you created an account , log in , on the left sidebar you will see My Services, click it.

When you click on Add new hostname , fields will appear where you must type the hostname like servername.gotdns.org, service type , IP address (How to check IP Address?
Description: Includes step by step tutorials, hacking tips,computer hacking software and tools and how to guides . Furthermore, in these two cases Qytec Domain-IP Locator opens a new screen with many more details about the defined IP beside location.
Especially if you have a broadband internet connection and an IP address that changes every 24 hours.

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