This file is automatically generated by Zentyal DNS Resolver and manual changes will be overwritten after modules restart. Domain DNS Server IP = your Primary Domain Controller IP Address or DNS responsible with PDC resolutions. Zentyal Linux 3.5 Community Edition Server with Samba4 can fully participate in Active Directory, and once configured as a part of the domain you can use RSAT Active Directory tools from a remote location and switch FSMO roles to the AD servers on your network. I'am a computer addicted guy, a fan of open source and linux based system software, have about 4 years experience with Linux distributions desktop, servers and bash scripting.
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I have tried your recommended solution but I still get the same error, whats interesting is that my Domain Controller is in the Trust Zone but a firewall separates my network and the DC. Jas, are your machines actually joining the domain or failing and never create any computer objects in AD?
There is something different between your two locations since PCs are not showing any errors when on the same network together with the DC. In previous, if you clone a domain controller, it will not allow to deploy on same domain or the forest without running sysprep to remove security information before cloning.
For the demo purpose I am using a windows 2012 R2 domain controller which is deployed in Hyper-V environment.
Posted in Active Directory, MICROSOFT, Windows 2012 and tagged Active directory, AD, clone, DC, disaster recovery, Domain Controller, faster recovery on May 8, 2015 by Dishan M. This blog will use to share the experience, knowledge gain over the years and be a help for the others in the field.
There is also related dsadd command but this can only be used to pre-create computer account in domain. This utility will create a computer account in the domain, but will not join the local computer from a workgroup to a domain. This entry was posted in How-to, Tech, Uncategorized, Windows Server and tagged Active Directory, Add-Computer, djoin, Get-ADDomain, sconfig, Server Core on August 10, 2016 by Mikhail. This release comes with new features, the most important being a single implementation of LDAP based on Samba4 and Microsoft Outlook 2010 support, while some modules found in previous versions have been completely removed: FTP Server, Zarafa Mail, User Corner, Bandwidth Monitor, Captive Portal and L7 Filer.

After a fresh installation of Zentyal 3.5 Server, login to console prompt and verify your server IP address using ifconfig command, if you use a DHCP server on your network that automatically assigns IP addresses to your network hosts, to be able to login to Zentyal Web Administration. On the first window choose the following Zentyal packages to install so you can configure your server to act as a BDC and hit on OK button on next prompt. Zentyal Ebox will start installing the required packages with their dependencies and when will reach Network Interfaces configuration wizard. Due to the fact that you will be using Zentyal as a BDC in your network interface, must be assigned with a static IP address. On the next stage on Users and Groups leave it as default and hit Skip button and the modules installation should continue. After this step if you configured other static IP Address than the one automatically issued by DHCP server, you will lose connectivity to Zentyal Server from browser. After all modules finish installing move to Module Status, make sure you check all modules listed, hit on above Save Changes button and click again on Save button prompt to apply changes and start modules.
But before starting to join the main domain, assure that you have connectivity and DNS resolution to Primary Domain Controller Server. If you want to conduct other DNS test go to Zentyal Web Remote Admin Tool and use Ping and Lookup with your specific PDC FQDN domain name buttons from Network -> Tools Menu as presented on the below screenshots. After the DNS test revealed that everything is correctly configured and functional move to Domain -> Settings left Menu and use the following Settings and after you finish hit on Change button and OK on Domain Join notification prompt, then upper Save Changes to apply configurations and stat importing User Accounts Database from your man PDC Server. As the last checks and setting you can open DNS Manager and see that a new DNS A entry has been added with your BDC Server Hostname using its IP Address.
Does that mean my firewall will drop any netbios broadcasts and I will continue to get this error because I cannot enable broadcasts to cross my firewall ? Firewall can be an issue but without knowing more on how strict the configured rules are its hard to say.
Basically the DC is in another building down the street and we are connected via an MPLS link which is highly reliable. It helps to quickly restore a domain controller in event of failure and also it helps to deploy test environments easily when needed.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Choose Static as IP configuration Method, provide your local network static IP Address, Netmask and Gateway and – very important – choose your Primary Domain Controller IP Address or the servers responsible for DNS PDC resolutions to be used on Domain Name Server field, then click on Next to continue. To re-login, go back to browser and type your newly Static IP Address that you manually added above on step 5 and use the same credentials as earlier. First open Putty, login to your Zentyal BDC server and edit resolv.conf file to point to your Primary Domain Controller IP Address or DNS Server Address responsible with PDC name resolutions. Also make sure that you open a SSH connection to your Zentyal BDC Server with Putty and sync time on both Domain Controllers using ntpdate command. We configure one BDC in our network but after few months syncronization between Dc and BDC is broken. But now when clone domain controller it will do the sysprep and promote process automatically.
This will check the system if there is program which will not compatible with the clone process. If I go to the other building there are errors but since there are no firewall restrictions as per the network team, is there anything else I need to look at to solve this ?
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