Although there are many industries that still require a face-to-face interaction, or at least a phone-to-phone conversation, many companies can enhance their customer service by having an interactive website for their customers. Backed by countless hours of testing and roughly 70,000 pieces of feedback from their users, the design has been tweaked over the last four months to its current state. In this post, we take a look at the new redesign and examine its positive and negative aspects.
Over the last decade three main search pages established a solid grounding as sites that people turn to when they start their online experiences.
While Yahoo and MSN focused on adding functional elements to their pages, Google stayed with a minimal design and instead they put their new applications on different URLs with only subtle mentions on their main page.
One of the main goals of the new design is to update the interface with a much cleaner look; a look reminiscent of Google. The white background makes the site look clean but it does so at the expense of losing the blue, which made the old site easily recognizable and unique. Each section provides small headlines and short sentences aimed at enticing the reader to click through and learn more.
This is a feature that some people will find slightly handy and others will ignore completely.
The social media addition won’t influence many people into using their homepage but it doesn’t affect their appearance negatively and it shows that they’re embracing the Internet instead of forcing their users to only use MSN applications.
This increase in attention for Bing has given their search engine a double digit increase in searches.
For the Restaurants it simply lists nearby restaurants with links to reviews, 5 star rating images, and directions. The last addition worth mentioning is the TrendWatch feature which lists the latest Twitter trends. Interestingly, the old MSN site downloads all its content to the user’s machine using one second less than the new design. Because everything displays in roughly the same amount of time, users are not likely to notice the difference in performance and this might be detrimental to the new design’s success. Home pages should be extremely fast and this is an area where MSN has the opportunity to really shine against the majority of their competitors. If they have MSN set as their home page they will quickly navigate to a faster site or they’ll use the search at the top right corner of most modern browsers. The design provides a slightly better visual hierarchy but there’s definitely room for improvement. This is due in part to the page having a large amount of content which all has different levels of importance to each individual.
One of the best aspects of the redesign has been the introduction of significant white space. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 847,733 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Everyone has a favorite web page that they navigate to as soon as they open their web browser. But opening our browser and clicking the bookmark to our beloved David Hasselhoff fan page is so time consuming.
Thankfully, Google's Chrome allows you to create application shortcuts for your favorite web pages that can be added directly to your desktop, start menu or taskbar, letting you jump from your desktop to a web page in one click. Navigate to your favorite page and click the wrench icon in the right corner of the screen.
You can, however, click the top left corner of the screen and select Open Browser Window to open a new window in Chrome. I'm increasingly convinced that you guys give us directions like this when our menu bears no resemblance to what you show us, simply to drive people insane. I thank you for trying Sir, but I obviously must search elsewhere, for you do not have the info I need for this application.

How can I create a shortcut from bookmarks on google chrome to my desktop as they no longer appear to be using the previous, very simple method, which is most unfortunate.? For example if you want to run netflix in fullscreen, add --start-fullscreen to the end of the netflix shortcut. My screen had the 3 horizontals lines, rather than the wrench symbol, as mentioned by someone else.
People keep singing the praises of Chrome but wow this is a ridiculous process for a simple shortcut. When i click on the wrench i get "your toolbar comes with these cool preselected apps" then lists twitter, facebook etc--- it is in a blue and grey frame-how do it get the options that you are showing?
Thanks, Elly I was looking to create shortcut with chrome browser which i manage to do after following the steps given by you.
Instead you probably envision smiling faces and helpful staff guiding customers through the buying experience or handling a question or concern for an existing customer. With more and more data being sent online and less actual conversations transpiring, it makes sense that even customer service should move onto the worldwide web.
You can create a free website for your small business in few minutes with a free domain and hosting account.
Google came out ahead but Yahoo and MSN have not given up and they still hold a major portion of the market. To achieve this they’ve changed the background to a consistent white and they’ve added tabs for the various content sections. Despite the feedback that MSN has been receiving that states that the white background feels cleaner, it might be beneficial in the long run for Microsoft to embrace their old blue background color. The sections on the page do not seem to be grouped in an obvious way but this isn’t necessarily detrimental. When talking about the new design, Scott Moore (MSN’s General Manager of Content and Programming) explained that the site uses machine learning to divide the users into eight groups.
It’s been given its own section instead of being forced to share its space with many various elements. The larger Bing search bar could be one of the best features of the MSN redesign because it shows that MSN now has a better understanding that homepages are generally used as a starting point for a web search. Be advised that at this point in time Local Edition is only available in the United States.
This feature is oddly similar to Yahoo’s Trending Now section but it has arrows next to each search query to show its popularity momentum.
The new design then executes much more code making its total completion time almost 3 seconds longer than the old design. Crowds of people crammed in coffee shops or airports sharing wireless networks want sites that load the fastest.
If this occurs often enough then the users will be tempted to change their home page altogether.
It addresses some of MSN’s concerns with their old design and it provides a cleaner image for Microsoft.
The main content section is the first to grab the user’s attention, followed by the sizeable Bing search bar, but after those two elements it’s tough to pinpoint what exactly will draw their attention next.
Because everyone is different it’s tough to know exactly how to set the visual path but even a slight hint could yield significant results.
Each news heading has been given an extra 12 pixels of vertical space to separate it from the other headings. While everything looks nice and behaves as it should, not enough has been done to make the design push the boundaries of what a modern website can do. Local Edition is a great addition and it has a good chance of catching on, especially if it’s given a well marketed mobile version. Whether it's Facebook, Tumblr or your most beloved tech site (this one) we all have that one page that we consider more important than the rest. However, the world is changing, and many consumers want a new kind of customer service; they want one that is accessible to them night and day, without having to talk to or interact with anyone in person.

Instead of waiting on hold to ask a question regarding an account, many consumers prefer to be able to look up their information on their own. A great way to combine traditional customer service with the web savvy consumer is to offer live chat on a website. Frequently asked questions and their answers are another way to give the customer what they want, right at their fingertips.
Ultimately, customer service is about providing the customer with what they need and want, so if what they want is online access and information, give it to them! They’ve also given higher visual weight to the main news section by giving it a bigger heading and making its images larger.
People will be quick to change their homepage if they think that MSN is taking too long to load irrelevant content. Local Edition is like another version of the homepage but it’s more relevant to each individual. It’s a bit tacky and its placement at the bottom of the page makes it feel more like an after-thought than a useful feature. This is largely because they want to shop around and research their purchases before actually committing to them without the annoyance of sales people pushing them to buy. Live chat services allow the customer to browse on their time, but still ask questions as they arise and receive instant feedback from a live representative. All industries have common questions about their service or products that can be summed up in a convenient guide on a website. Whether it is a first time customer or a returning shopper, websites can track preferences and offer suggestions based on the consumers purchasing habits. This is really great offer for SMBs which wants to get online and promote their products and services. This gives the user a clear indication of where their eyes should be immediately drawn, which helps to make the site feel less busy. This makes the site feel wider despite it actually being slightly thinner by around 20 pixels.
The user can save up to three different cities (or zip codes) but it’s not very intuitive about how to add them. Providing detailed product information on the site is the key to appealing to this type of consumer.
Having billing statements and payment options available on a website allows these busy consumers to keep abreast of where their account is at on their own schedule. This allows the customer to multi-task without being tethered to a phone line, but also allows specific questions to be answered immediately. This allows a shopping experience that is geared toward the consumer’s individual wants and needs. Websites that provide extensive product information give customers first-rate service by letting them research the products in their own time and manner, whether it is on their smart phone or while on a conference call at work.
Make sure to offer ways for them to update their profile, which will save them the hassle of calling in just to change an address or phone number when they move. As hard as it may be to get an actual IRS agent on the phone, the IRS website gives a huge amount of information to people through their FAQ section for all kinds of tax concerns.
Using the website interface to give the consumer better products or services, or to receive better discounts, leads to customer loyalty and satisfaction. The domain is free for 1 year, and ita€™s free to maintain your website for 12 months.The website tool takes 15 minutes from sitting down to being found onlineYou dona€™t need to be a tech whiz to get started.

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