Apparently the domain expired on December 29th, and the website was duly removed, as it happens with all domains on their expiration date. Despite the fact that the publisher did renew the domain, it’s very strange for Sega to let the domain of one of its historical series expire like this, possibly hinting to the fact that the franchise may have been pretty much abandoned.
The latest Sakura Wars game released is a spin-off on the mobile platform Mobage, with almost no connection to the original series.
It has been renewed to 29th of Dec 2014; you can buy it if you want, just keep in mind that they could file a complain to get it back since it is associated to a trademark that they own.
Everything in this list provides and economic benefit to a company.  These items can be used to generate cash flows in the future or they can be converted into cash. It is important to ask yourself, when acquiring a domain name:  Is this an asset or a liability?

Far too many domain investors purchase names, to build up a portfolio — but they are just adding more liabilities to their business. Liabilities are the domains that just sit there, not earning revenue – with no well defined buyers or use.
I put up a simple site on it, got some traffic (it still has traffic) - but NO major revenues and there are NO well defined buyers in this space. This liability has no revenues, no buyers, no recent comparables to give it an established value. My name is Corey Redecop and I manage the epicnets.ca domain and all related products and services and this is a collection of things I find around the net. Sega has since reacquired the domain name as you can see from the whois result at the bottom of the post, but announced that it’ll take a little while to get things back up and running.

Of course this is just speculation, but this doesn’t really bode well for the future. It is composed of a word or words that name a market, service or product.  The words must make sense when combined together.

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