Second Wind air purifiers are an excellent addition to your existing HVAC system, giving you whole home air purification.
For years people have complained of the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light on their skin, furniture and other possessions.
Inventor Choi Bomi designed a sleek, bar like door handle equipped with a UV germicidal irradiation light.
According to a National Institute of Health research publication, there are instances of occupational risks that are associated with prolonged exposure to unshielded UV germicidal irradiation lamps. The self sanitizing door knob is undeniably a smart way to use UV germicidal irradiation when occupational safety risks are identified and mitigated, and it has inspired other applications of the technology to inorganic objects.
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Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation offers a large variety of Parts & Accessories for Germicidal UV Water, Air and Surface Purification Equipment. Monitors the intensity of germicidal ultraviolet energy, which penetrates the quartz sleeve and water within the disinfection chamber, while indicator lights and intensity meter provide visual indication of the ultraviolet intensity. Mechanism is used in conjunction with, and is electrically connected to, the Solenoid Valve.

The soleniod valve operates in conjunction with the Guardiana„? Ultraviolet Monitor or Sentrya„? Safety Sensor. Mighty-PureA® Ultraviolet Water Purifiers that utilize the Guardiana„? Ultraviolet Monitor.
The elapsed time indicator is a real-time, non-resettable display of a water purifiera€™s operating hours. Second Wind air purifiers use ultraviolet germicidal light and photo-catalytic oxidation to remove mold, bacteria,viruses orors and off gasses in your home.
However, recent innovations seek to harness the power of the sun not only for providing clean energy but also for all types of cleaning protocols as well.
The door handle that sits in the horizontal position has the special UV light shed upon it continuously until the handle is depressed. Although people using the self sanitizing door handle have limited contact with the actual UV germicidal irradiation light, the UV lamp in the door handle design appears unshielded which will probably spark further safety studies before the product makes it to hardware store shelves. For example, UV germicidal irradiation has been applied to the sterilization of the computer keyboard and mouse recently.
Second Wind units produce the perfect wavelength of light (254 nm) to disifect air borne micor-organisms. The type of UV light used for sterilization is commonly called UV germicidal irradiation, and it was first known to be used in France in 1910 for water purification.

A depression of the handle turns off the radiation emitting light, and people contact a disinfected door handle each time the handle is used. Products that use UV light for sterilization separate UV into short-range wavelengths that disrupt the DNA of pathogens as well as good micro-organisms.
As the costs to produce UV germicidal irradiation lower, the public will probably see more of these self disinfecting inventions sold in the market place. The information and recommendations contained in this publication are based upon data collected by the Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation and are believed to be correct. The light integrated into the self sanitizing door knob system doubles as a sort of night-light that can guide people to the door like a lighted exit sign in a dark movie theater. However, no guarantee or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, is made with respect to the information contained herein.
However, the technology is now being used in innovative ways to disinfect other objects, and the latest one to benefit from this technique is the germ prone door knob.
Here is an overview of the invention, an explanation of the underlying science that makes it effective and potential challenges of its use.

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