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Due to popular demand, we have put together a step-by-step on how to create gorgeous ombre nail art designs using Bio Sculpture Gel.
For the feature nail (ring finger) apply  174 Samba Your Socks Off to the cuticle area. Do not cure yet. Use the # 4 Flat or #6 Round Brush to blend the Colour Gel down the nail towards the free edge.
Apply a thin layer of  104 Sweet Melon Fluo Colour Gel to the free edge to achieve a brighter colour intensity. Using the Nail Art Brush or Upper Arch Brush and  2017 Licorice Colour Gel, draw the ‘honey comb’ pattern.
Place smaller dots of Gloss Gel on coloured parts of “honeycomb”, using a Dotting Tool or the tip of an Upper Arch Brush.
To prepare for another season of decorative eggs, chocolate bunnies, and delicious hot crossed buns, Bio Sculpture Gel is holding an Easter Nail Art competition for 2015!
A panel of Bio Sculpture nail art experts will then choose the nail art design that best presents both skill & creativity. The WINNER will receive Bio Sculpture’s latest SMART LED LAMP and a Easter Nail Art Pack (total value of over $300). RUNNER UPS will also be receiving the latest Bio Sculpture Nail Art booklet for 2015, as well as a Easter Nail Art pack.
Entrants must only use Bio Sculpture products, and list all Bio Sculpture gel and polish colour products used in their Easter-inspired design. One of Bio Sculpture’s unique qualities is enabling a technician to create detailed hand painted nail art, like these 50’s retro hand painted Gel creations.
Interested in becoming a Bio Sculpture Nail Technician? Click here for more information on our range of training programs, from manicure and pedicures through to advanced gel nail courses.
Statement-making nail art designs are today’s must-have fashion accessory and this look created by Bio Sculpture nail artist, Simone Gilbert of Urban Bliss Beauty, is a simple yet effective way to dress up your digits.
This stunning design is inspired by the patterns you find on turquoise gemstone jewellery and can be used on just one feature finger or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, all your nails! Apply a base coat of Executive Base and two coats of 120 Turquoise Teacup and allow to dry. Scrunch a piece of glad wrap up and apply a little #169 The Rebel nail polish to a section and blot on some paper to remove the excess.
Take your mug filled with water and place two drops of #2017 Licorice nail polish into the water. With World Cup fever now in full swing, it’s the perfect time to be inspired by the vibrant colours of this global competition held in Brazil. Get creative using the colours below and show support for your favourite team with some inspired Bio Sculpture nail art! We invited the extremely talented, award winning nail artist Simone Gilbert to create one of her favourite nail art looks for winter. 2: Apply Executive Base to the centre of the nail bed and, once dry, lightly buff to remove the polish shine using your Grey Sponge file, being careful not to completely remove the polish.

4: Apply two coats of #167 Seductive Lights to all nails except the feature fingers and cure each layer.
5: Using a sheet of Bio Sculpture Gold Foil Nugget, tear pieces off and apply to the feature nail. 6: Apply a building layer of Hard Gel, cure for 60 seconds and then wipe away the tacky residue. 7: Apply a thin layer of Soft Gel and while still wet apply your Gold Dots (studs) and cure for 30 seconds. 8: Apply a very thin layer of UV Top Coat gel as your finishing layer to seal in the studs and cure for 60 seconds. Step 1 – Prepare nails for Bio Sculpture Gel application and apply Vitamin Dose to nourish and hydrate the nail. Step 2 – Using a Bio Sculpture Upper Arch Brush, carefully draw a rough outline of your butterfly using #2017 Liquorice and cure. Step 3 – Apply one layer of #168 Gilded Reflection to colour the inside of your butterfly and cure. Step 4 – Create a gradation effect with #167 Seductive Lights, by lightly brushing along the edge of the butterfly wing, gradually building up the colour and then cure. Step 5 – Using a Bio Sculpture Art Brush, carefully draw a thicker final wing outline and any other black detail required using #2017 Liquorice and cure.
Step 6 – Using a Bio Sculpture dotting tool or Nail Art Brush, create dots along the black outline with #1 French White and cure. Step 7 – Build an upper arch to ensure a smooth finish, using the correct treatment gel suited to the client’s nail type.
Step 8 – Refine the nail with a Bio Sculpture Multi file sponge patch or Orange sponge file to create a smooth finish. We invited Melbourne’s nail art queen, Chelsea Bagan, from Trophy Wife Nail Art to show us how to create a beautiful summer design using Bio Sculpture nail polishes. Because of the non-hazardous status ofthis product, gels stained with Gel Green can be disposed of in your regular waste.
Usually a manicure or pedicure lasts for maximum of 5 days but gel nail paint does not chip for more than two weeks.You can get perfect look for your nails by applying this nail polish without spending your time and money in salon. Make sure you only use Bio Sculpture products (gel and nail art accessories), and list all the Bio Sculpture colours used in your creation. Speak to one of our friendly Bio Sculpture experts by calling 1300 BIO GEL or register your interest here. Place small dots of Soft Gel onto the wet Colour Gel layer, using the tip of the Upper Arch Brush. The nail polish will spread out and when it does, quickly spray the water with hairspray and watch as it forms an amazing pattern. Incorporating them on a feature nail adds stunning depth, texture and an extra hint of glam!
This step will not interfere with gel adhesion and ensures maximum protection of the nail during the removal process.
Gel Green is sensitiveto Blue light, not UV, which removes the need for goggles and masks and at the same time provides additionalend user safety.

For that you have to choose the best one among multiple brands available in the market, which is a boring process.
Experiment with different patterns to achieve interesting shapes like different animal skin textures, flowers, etc. DNA visualised with Blue light is free from Photo-nicking making it more suitable for downstreamapplications such as cloning. Thus we have listed some of the popular and best gel nail polish brands 2015 in the following section to help you in picking your favorite brand.Top 6 Gel nail polish brands 20156 # Essie The Essie gel polish is one of the leading producer of gel nail polish in the world which offers wide range of shades to match all your occasions. Gels stained with Gel Green display a uniform brightness, not half dark, half lightcommonly seen with EthBr stained gels. You can get amazing colors of polish from the Essie’s winter collection and the brand was originated by Essie Weingarten. You will get perfectly groomed hands and shiny effect that will not chip for longer period of time. The brush will flow smoothly in your nails so that you can apply the nail paint in single coat for better result.5 # IBD just gel polishIf you are a gel nail paint lover then you absolutely like IBD just gel polish which is made with 100% gel.
You need not to worry about cracking, chipping and smudging.This nail paint is easy to apply and it gives overall beauty to your hand which made it as best gel nail polish brand.
It offers wide range of nail products to their customer among them nail polish is the popular product.
This is one of the popular gel nail polish brands in the world that gives you flawless finish for your nails.If you want to brighten the color then you can do two or more coating and it is suitable for layering also.
CND promises for long lasting shine as it has shellac formula which is different from other brands.
If you once use it then definitely you will add this to your favorite brand and wish to try all the colors.3 # Sally Hansen Sally Hansen’s pro gel is a famous gel nail polish brand in the world.
You can do 10 gel manicures with this pro gel nail system and ensures flawless outlook of your hand.
The consistency is good which not too thick and not too thin so that it is easy to apply on your nails without smudging.
This will give you shiny and perfect look for your hands.2 # OPI GelcolorIt comes in the list of traditional nail polish which gives a solid quality Gelcolor line. You will not face any issues like chipping, smudging, etc and each woman wish to try out all the colors exist in this brand. Gelish is the best brand for gel nail polish that offers better quality and makes use of unique formula. Let us know your favorite gel nail polish brand and your feedback about this article in the following comments section.

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