To do the gel nail art basic products required are a good base gel nail polish coat, nail polish of any color and transparent nail paint. To get this look apply the gel nail base coat first and then apply a good red and white nail polish on alternate nails. First of all, their nail polishes were already amazing, but now they relaunched them and they are Gel polishes. Take the color according to your preference and apply it to your nail tips as shown in the picture.

After you complete doing this the nail which is painted red draw dots with white color and for white nails draw red polka dots.
No, you don’t have to put them under a UV light to dry, but they are thicker, they dry faster, and they dry really hard and give you the appearance of Gel Nails. Now put another layer of the top coat and go ahead and sprinkle more glitter over your nails. On the next nail apply white color and draw lines with golden glitter and give a transparent coat to it as well.

Excuse the quick painting, I had to get through a lot of polishes, but here they are:) No flash was used to give you the best color match to reality!

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