I have very short, split nails underneath after years of pulling off the tips and picking at them.(yes - my fault)I replace my sets pretty often- about every 6 weeks!
I pay $70 for a full set of tips with gel french and about $30 for a regular refill and $40 for a refill of pink and the new white line. Recently- I was switched to a pink and white powder gel that does not need UV light curing- except for the shiny top coat at the very end! I became suspicious of this a few weeks ago when asked what [product I was getting and she first said LCN, then the next time the husband said Queen french pink 999  and then yesterday she said Creative!
Anyway- I think I am being scammed and getting acrylic and then a UV gel top coat to "seal the deal!" I'm not so sure!
2 what exactly lasts the longest- the gel already made up in the pot, the "powder" gel that burns, the powder and liquid I am getting now or acrylics?I am so confused! 3) Is there a website that will sell me a kit to do this myself- I already have the UV light and am very adept with my hands- filing, brush,etc and could do this for sure!
I would always recommend for you to always go to a trained professional to get your nails done but if this is something you would like to learn contact you local beauty college to learn proper practises yourself.
She has a wide experience working in salons and health spas, and as a part-time journalist, writing a monthly column for Vitality, the BABTAC member’s magazine, Scratch and Professional Beauty. She spends two days a week in London teaching children with learning and behavioural difficulties in a London school. She believes education and furthering your career is very important in keep up to date with this fast expanding industry.
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CND LED Lamp cures all 5 fingers (or toes) in half the time compared to the current CND UV Lamp.

The only lamp designed to completely and evenly cure CND Shellac brand 14+ day nail color and BRISA gel. Ergonomic design that comfortably accommodates both manicure and pedicure eliminating 'uh-ohs' for a smudge-free finish.
The Gelish LED 18G is a scientifically- engineered, precisely-calibrated authentic LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light of exceptional quality. The Gelish LED 18G will quickly and comfortably cure gels to effectively ensure the smoothest, most level gel-drying.
And the Gelish LED 18G lights last up to 50,000 hours of normal salon use without any diminished brightness or power throughout the product's entire lifespan. This new and versatile LED Lamp Cures all Five Fingers, is Motion Activated, Cures Gelish Foundation in 5 seconds! Gs4304 - UV LED Light Bulb 5W.Improve Your UV Nail Dryer to Professional LED Nail Dryerby using LED Bulb. Perfect work the workin woman, you dont have time to redo your nails or you cant seem to keep polish on. Great for Volume without the back combing or in combination with teasing the hair for EXTRA support! I have gone to 3 different salons for this and after initiatlly starting out with pink brisa gel in the pot was switched 4 years ago to "powder gel".
The tech does make a ball out of the powder and purple liquid mix and then puts it up to the light she works with to see for a few seconds to heat  and then applies to my nail but still no curing yet tile the end coat.
I know making the bead of the gel is tough so maybe there is another option and a site I can order from?
She has been running her successful business for over 6 years and hopes to expandand open new centres in the near future.
Throughout Joanna’s career she has also works a session nail technician working on celebrities, journalists, at London Fashion Week and advertising campaigns for such magazines as Vogue.

If this is to add to a qualified therapist already accomplished qualifications or to a student that is completely new to the world of beauty. 360' interior mirror fi nish ensures light distribution with nine targeted lights that cure with a lightning fast speed. 360' interior mirror finish ensures light distribution with nine targeted lights that cure with a lightning fast speed.
It is specially designed for rapid, efficient gel curing, particularly for the high-performance Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polishes. The quiet and rugged Gelish LED 18G light is guaranteed to provide years of reliable in-salon performance, without any variations in curing-time temperatures while consistently producing properly-cured gels. This LED 18G lamp also features a Patent Pending (Limits light exposure), Magnetic tray for effortless, thorough sanitizing, preset LED Display Timer with Countdown, preset Cure Times: 5, 20, 30 seconds, Digital Greetings, High Intensity Diamond Reflectors, acetone resistance, ergonomic design, client comfort pad, (18) 2-watt LED Lights [=32 watts].
The LED 18G lamp has consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,000th hour. Evertime I get the new set and each time I get a filed all the way down refill for a new white line- it does burn and she does have to cure each coat under the UV light. In addition this year Joanna is talking at a seminar at UK beauty in Birmingham on natural therapies. Joanna believes all learners can achieve their goals with Vanity Beauty Academy’s support and guidance which will lead to a successful career in the industry.

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