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Once UV gel is applied and cured to your natural nail, the hardened gel can be designed just as your natural nail would be e.g. UV gel is used more often than nail varnish because it lasts a lot longer and it is great for applying over false nail tips to secure them in place. I can’t say for sure with a 9watt lamp because I have never used one, but I would suggest tripling the 2 minutes just to be sure. Place the gel in the middle of your nail and gently spread upwards to the end of the tip (either yours or false). Those wearing tips – concentrate on getting the gel thickest around the smile line because that’s where your nails will receive most pressure.
Do all 5 nails on one hand before putting your hand under the lamp, this saves time as you can do it all in one go.
Tip 1: Applying some cuticle cream at the end of your manicure will prevent dryness and keep your cuticles soft and smooth.
I am no professional at this, this is just the process that has always worked great for me and I am sure it will for you too :)!
Yes, any changes or amendments should be done before you apply the uv top coat – think of the top coat as the very last step.
I purchased this Sina kit on Amazon, it came with no instructions, so thank you for your post. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can (really quickly) set up a professional looking blog.

I suggest 2 minutes because my 36watt lamp has a 120 second timer on it and the UV gel is always cured after this time. There is no need to remove the sticky residue left behind from the UV gel primer, as more UV gel is being applied in the next step. Just like last time there is no need to remove the sticky residue yet as more gel needs to be added. Using this brush (or one of your own) smooth a nice even layer over your nail, once again being careful not to touch any surrounding skin. Apply a few drops of cleanser plus to your lint free wipe (or cotton pad) and smooth over all your nails until the stickiness has gone. I find in some of my clients the gel lifts really quickly so I’m wondering if this will be more durable?
Do this by gently filing the nail bed until it is a white-ish colour and brush away the dust so that it doesn’t get trapped under the gel. For the best results I recommend the Cleanser Plus – you can get it really cheap off Amazon. The no-light gels do not need a lamp, instead they need a gel activator that can be brushed (or sprayed) on to the nails. Important note – those who are also applying artificial nail tips need to apply them first before the dehydrator, otherwise it makes it very difficult for the tip to stay glued on to your natural nail. You can make this coat as thick as you want, or you can even apply one, cure it, then apply another one etc. I usually end up using a few wipes and a lot of cleanser plus (I hate the sticky stuff :().

Even if you apply just a UV gel top coat over your normal nail polish manicure, and then cure it under the UV lamp it lasts ages! If you apply it to your bare nails and wait for it to dry (which should only take 1-2 minutes) you will notice that your nails look slightly more dry than they were before. Once the tips are secured on your nail (step 4), it is safe to apply the nail dehydrator, but only apply it on top of your natural nail, not the tip.
Don’t worry about getting rid of all the residue as the rest will come off from washing your hands etc.
I find it very easy to work with and therefore I have decided to carry on using the same one instead of changing brand.
And once you have applied the rest of the UV gel you won’t notice the vinegar-y smell any more!
Use the cotton bud to remove any gel off the skin before placing your hand under the UV lamp. If you walk me through the steps you take, I can then try and work out where you may be going wrong :). It does self level to a good standard, though if you are looking for a more perfect leveling then I would recommend a more expensive brand :).

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