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Shellac is a nail product that lasts for at least 14 days without chipping, scratching, or smudging. Yes that is for real – it is not harmful at all and it was proven numerous times under supervision of reputable scientists. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. Some gel polishes are cured (made hard) using a UV light while others are cured with an LED light. Using nail gel polish can be a little trickier than acrylic polish, especially when it comes time to remove the gel. The best way to learn how to apply gel polish is to get together with the girls and learn together, feeding off one another as you gab the night away, especially if one or more of you have already have experience with it. Crackle Nail Polish: The Easy WayIf you want to stand out in the world of nails designs, crackle nail polish is your best bet. It’s almost impossible to imagine sometimes how some women seem to always have perfect nails while others can’t seem to make a manicure last for even a day!

While some gel polish kits offer builder layers, unless you want a real mess on your hands, pun intended of course, you may want to start with something much more simple, or go to a nail salon and let a professional do it.
On our site, you'll find helpful tips, techniques and inspiration to get the most beautiful nails ever! The truth is that some women have a tendency to pick or bite at their nail polish, often times subconsciously, not that this applies to you in any way (wink). So, even if your furry kitty decides it time to jump in your lap and demand attention, you don’t have to worry about ruining your fresh polish. You may also want to start with a kit that features a UV light with a lower wattage since these are considerably cheaper. You can compare notes and try each other’s gel nail kits to get a better idea of what you really like. You certainly don’t want to sport a sexy new hand style while leaving your cute little toes unadorned. Second, gel polish lasts up to three weeks, unlike acrylic polish that only last three to five days at best, without getting chipped or scuffed.
If you run into trouble, you can always view YouTube videos together to learn new nail design techniques to try out.

However, most women have found they chip and peel much faster than gels cured with a UV or LED light.
In fact, many women comment on how resistant to wear gel polish is on toenails when walking on the beach.
So, go ahead and bring in that load of firewood, crack those walnuts, and refinish the tile in bathroom… you’ll be fine! You don’t have to worry about scuffing up your polish when you playfully draw a big heart in the wet sand around your sweetheart with your big toe.
Who wants to take the time to pretty up their nails only to have it all ruined an hour later, or worse, pay for an expensive manicure only to have to constantly worry about messing it up? You may want to find a kit with a collection of colors, at least one for each season of the year.

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