I'm sure some of you guys hate feet picots, but I don't think mine look that bad, and I love putting red nail polish on my toes.
I really like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish, it's a great alternative to the traditional UV light Gel polishes, plus it has all the normal things that I love about Sally Hansen.
With today’s changing world of fashion and design Artificial nails are a great way of achieving sexy looking hands yet you have cut off the time and money spent in the salons twice a week just to do manicure and pedicure.
Purchase the nail pack; You have to visit a local store and look as the variety types on market and get original nails not fake ones because there a number of fake products on the market today you might end up getting fakes and they might be dangerous to your health.
Get an artificial nail glue; Some nail packs come with the nail glue and a small brush but if your does not have then you will have to purchase it separately.
Select a nail for each finger; As you know the nails have already been pre-sized so you will just need to arrange them and put then aside before you apply the glue on the nails. Apply Nail Glue; lay your hand on a flat surface like on a table and make sure you have a good view of all the nail sides. Mount the nails; You can now hold the nails still for some minutes then add the nail on order. Now this is what they call beautiful, i mean where else would you get such a look without Chataigne nail polish? These are the type of nails that you will accessorize on and you look just perfect on that summer holiday at the beach. Pink is a bright color that will look sexy on any other color, I love it on dark colors because it shines and brings out the best of any color.
They showed us books of pretty nail designs, we pointed at what we liked, and we fixed a price.
Then, instead of doing our nails in this bright and airy place, they brought us to a dingy secluded shop in a corner of the mall which featured a row of ratty, old seats.
After trimming our nails short and filing away a thin layer of our surface nails, they paste thick stickers around our nails to act as moulds. They then apply a thick layer of gel all over our nails, extending out onto the sticker to create desired lengths. He was quite reluctant and kept filing little by little, until he stopped at this length and refused to shorten them anymore!
I was deliberating between this and something bling-sparkly, but finally chose this cos it’s cute and the red would be nice for the coming Chinese New Year.
He did one red heart and it looked so horrible, with the tips being wrong and the white hearts being wrong and all, I stopped him from making the rest of the red hearts. I said, the base nail should be pearl white, like in the picture, and the tip should be layered and opaque and not so fat.
I dictated the design for my fourth finger, the one with crystals surrounding half the heart. I was quite weary and despairing by this time and only thought about how I just wanted him to get it over and done with so that I could go home to Singapore to have it all removed.
I let him design the rest of the nails but making him tweak the crystals here and there to make it less ugly.
Now I need to find an experienced gel nail specialist to remove these because I read that improper removal will cause damage to the nail bed.

And gel nails have to be filed down instead of soaked off like acrylic nails, so I’m scared!
All this, and I didn’t even want nail extensions in the first place cos my nails were already long enough for me.
WaitI forgot to add this, when removing gel or acrylic nails, they normally soak your nails in nail polish removal solution which is quite damaging. My nails are small and sqaure and im pretty sure they will do the designs a diffrent size on each nail. Speaking as a nail tech, I think I can confidently say that whoever done this was inexperienced and proably not even qualified. Menstrual Last Day, Gradations of a Bruise, Estuary Run-off, and Worn Black Bible are just a few of the shades in the latest nail polish collection from StrangeBeautiful.
Instead of the opacity you'd expect with such dark colors, the Volume V collection also makes nails look semi-opaque, as though they've been dipped in India ink.
It's like any other gel polish except it cures with natural light, so no need to buy anything but the nail color set, and it is easily removed with normal nail polish remover. Luckily there are a variety of ways you can use to apply these nails from home you don’t have to go to the salon yet if done correctly you will still yield beautiful natural looking results. You can look for products like nail bond which sticks fine and will unattached if you soak i water for about 30 seconds. Use  a non acetone remover because it contains alcohol which helps kill all the germs that might be hanging around the nails.
You can then apply three likes of glue or just use dots like style to spread the glue on the nail.
Add fro the first one to the last to avoid holding glue in your hands as you cross apply the nails. Its comprised  of the mix of pink , purple Iride scents and that real white glitter gives it a glamorous appearance of elegance with a clear base. Super strong nail stickers are the most unique way to create nail ares that will leave every body yawning for more. You can paint this hot Hand painted Acrylic Fake hot pink vanish on a white dress or that sexy party dress with high heels with pink lining and a white parse.
In this way, both hands are being worked on alternately, one in the oven, one being gelled.
This ball is transferred to the nail and then pressed and shaped by the stick into a desired shape.
Partly for bling effect and partly to distract from the unsightly red tips, which he refused to get rid of.
They looked so ching chong obiang I wanted to rip them off there and then but I had had enough pain for a day. Actually, call the salons up before going there to ask if they can remove those gel nails of yours.
For starters, I asked for gel nails and have since discovered (I should have done more research first) I got acrylics. My job is to stay at home all day long and churn out entertaining rubbish to keep you happy and amused.

The brand's creator, illustrator (and RISD grad) Jane Schub, just released her fifth set of lacquers, Volume V limited edition polish collection ($79). It's certainly the highest-concept polish we've run across, and, as Schub herself terms it, the most "perverse." See all the colors in the collection up close after the jump. The set includes a nail color, mine Redgy, a bright cool red and clear gel coater in a black bottle. Dry time is quite awhile though, so you'll probably want to wait awhile before applying the Miracle Gel clear coat. One thing i love about the Paris Sparkles is that they stand alone and they look hot with a top coating for maximum shine. It comes with big heart stencils, heart trio stencils in two different sizes, Tom Sell-it – mustaches and ampersands for the edge of your nail just for you to explore.
You can add some volume to it by adding some colors to get that cool sparkle to just get that stand alone feel. I’m afraid some places, while experienced in acrylic, might not do gel nails as well.
If you really want to remove them, you can get a bunch of nail files (not the metal kind) and file the top of your nails to remove them.
I live in china, shanghai for nearly 3 years and still never have been satisfied with any of these salons. When not doing that, I play video games obsessively, and terrorise the husband with my online shopping bills.
Schub doesn't intend her polishes to be within the realm of "typical" shades, and instead of giving them names, she refers to them in terms of the materials that inspired them — hence the eccentric labeling. Both have a large brush similar to the Sally Hansen Grass Slipper brush, very wide and easy to use.
The box says up to 14 days of wear time, and I did get that without any chipping, and my pedicure stayed smooth. Below i will take you through some of the tips that will help you on how to take care of those nails without any hustle. It looks cool when added to clear base more than when its on a different color because it kind of adds a slight change to the hue of the base. These nails are layered with two coats of glittery polish so you don’t have to be with a base coat or even the top coating, its just enough by it self.
The bottle also looks the same, wide base and slightly narrower top with an easy top open lid.
The last time I went, I told the girl to soak my fingers longer so that the gel will peel off, but she said it is long enough and started to use a scraper and started to scrape the gel off. She was extremely rough when filing my nails and my fingers were extremely sore and red the next day. You can see blood under a couple of nails at the cuticle where she drilled right through my nails.

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