You’ve read a lot about gel manicure and ready to be a do-it-yourself gel manicurist.
Like its name, this kit has the most complete set including a mini (pretty small) LED lamp.
It is especially designed to efficiently cure Gelish Soak-off Gel color and products from the Gelish MINI System for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks.
The MINI Pro 45 has consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,0000th hour.
CND Shellac Gel Kit contains all you need to start right away. This is the only kit packed in a retail box, directly from CND.

The trial pack doesn’t include a Shellac UV lamp (Shellac is only cured under a UV Lamp).
All starter kits mentioned above are available at Esther’s Nail Center, your online source for gel manicure  offering brands such as CND Shellac, Daisy, Gelish, and OPI Gelcolor. So which one would you choose among the three if you want to invest in doing gel manicure yourself?
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Keep your make-up and other cosmetics packed away and organised with the double tray Glam Caddy.

It includes 6 iconic OPI gel nail polish colors, a uv base and uv top coat and accessories. The Gelled Kitt gives you beautiful, salon finish nails in as little as 60 seconds and will last for up to two weeks. It helps you starting your gel manicure without getting panic because you miss something important in the middle of your manicure.

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