Now I’m quite open in my love of Sally (Hansen), and I don’t like paying for gel nail polish every two weeks, so I thought I’d trial the Miracle Gel colours to see if I can improve the longevity of my home manicure. The premise on which this home gel manicure works is that you apply the colour coat directly onto your nails (two coats best) then the clear top coat chemically ‘cures’ the colour coat to harden it into a gel manicure, without needing the light used at the beauty salon.
I tentatively tried a pretty ballerina pink colour first (‘Pinky Promise’) and with just one colour coat and one top coat, my manicure lasted beautifully about five days.

The next time I tried two coats which looked stunning as if I’d had it done professionally, but I’ve not had time to trial its full duration yet (I’ll report back when I know!).
Having returned to the fold of natural nail-wearers, I find my polish chipping after maybe one or two days, which is frustrating and higher-maintenance than I’m willing to tolerate. But I was so pleased with how the first manicure turned out that I’ve popped out and bought two further colours, a reddish-pink called Pink Tank, and a dusky lavender purple called ‘Street Flair’ and I’m hoping these three fairly classic shades will get me through summer with minimal maintenance.

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