JavaScript-Animated Full Site CSS templates contain JS-based elements that add Flash-like dynamics and animation while still leaving the templates very light-weight.
Creating and running a website won’t be a great challenge for computer and online games developers. In any case, in picking up your web template you should opt for a feature-loaded one to create on its base an interactive, dynamic and user-friendly website. As you may notice, most popular gaming websites use dark color scheme for their websites to create a mystic and engaging ambience.
As color accent there may be used dusty yellowish and reddish hues to create an image of a battle, or bright and warm earthy tones that remind of dust, earth and smoke. Many website templates for gaming sites introduce cold metal tones to the color palette to keep connection to the colors of weapon. First and foremost you may notice that gaming websites are heavily loaded with visual content and media.
Users may want to see basic features of the games, estimate graphic, gameplay and characters. The template screenshot you may see below features a category in the Header Menu and a specific page that contains multiple videos on games, gameplay, cheats etc. Gaming websites in general feature more categories and subcategories than other websites, so creating a perfectly organized navigation menu within template is highly important. The example below shows the website template for gaming portal that features three-row navigation in the Header. With fast development of mobile world creating a mobile-friendly version of the website is highly recommended. Among gaming website templates MotoCMS offers a few online gambling and casino ones that can be easily used for promoting and selling various games online.
You should remember that gaming web templates are versatile and media-loaded, so don’t forget about good hosting for your future gaming website.

Helen is a passionate writer who finds inspiration in everyday things and is happy to share them with readers. Sega has launched a teaser website (presumably for a new smart phone game) and the imagery hints that time-travel may be the subject matter. The graphic in the top left corner suggests that an announcement will be made on August 08, 2016.
The digital read-out reads "AD 1492", the year that Christopher Columbus landed in the New World. Combine all of this with the word "Repair" in the domain name, and I'm thinking Sega is teasing a new smart phone game that has something to do with repairing damaged time-lines.
However, if you would like to concentrate more on your projects and feel more freedom in website building, these ready-to-use MotoCMS website templates for gaming industry will be a perfect option. For instance, the web template below features warm color palette for the background and introduces bright red tone to the logo. Vibrant pics and screenshots, multiple widgets and apps, video and audio content appear on any page of the website. It may include screenshots of the game brightest moments, reveal main characters, weapons, landscapes and levels etc. A drop-down navigation is the best option to organize such versatile categories as Games or Consoles that are usually include numerous subcategories divided by types, technology or manufacturer. Large menu with main categories feature a drop-down menu for the Reviews category that shows up when hovered. Such web templates like the Casino website template below allow downloading the desktop version of the game or register and play online in multiplayer version. Here are a few more website templates on gaming, gambling and software to help you started. Similarly, there's a world map in the background that zeros in on point in the West Indies, where Columbus and his crew made landfall.

My old site was very plain and cumbersome and I needed something stunning New and exciting to allow customers to view my products and want to stay and look and not just pass me by. In many cases the overall color palette of the gaming templates may tend to feature pastel hues. You will need a few traditional pages that are used on almost any website like Home page, About and Contacts. You may also wish to use a content slider or image slider that will show the latest news and reviews that appear on the site. Video content may consist of game trailers and teasers, video reviews as well as previews, cheats and walkthroughs.
Thanks to such neat type of menu the header won’t look crowded and the users will navigate between the pages with comfort. A navigation bar below introduces subcategories based on the type of the gaming platform (XBox360, Wii, PS3 etc.) The smallest menu bar repeats some of the main categories but you can easily manage their titles and content.
It is especially handy if you have a Mobile Games page on the website that allows users to play or download apps and games from the website right onto the device. Computer and online games as well as mobile gaming apps are ones of the most popular leisure activities today. The template below features colorful slider on a Home Page with vibrant screenshots of the most popular or the latest featured games. Thus, finding the best gaming website templates is essential for those who wish to promote the gaming business, share the latest game news and project announcements, as well as establish new connections with gamers from all over the world. Most of these screenshots introduce game characters so the users may evaluate the game style before reading the reviews.

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