Hurstville Repair Centre Understands Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen in details so the repair fee can be reduced dramatically compared to competitors. Be extra careful when you get to the bottom because the menu buttons are glued to the glass.
If your glass is very shattered you will need to pick up the small pieces with tweezers, one by one or stick tape to the glass before you take it out. Clean up the digitizer with lint free wipes or a clean microfiber towel to leave it spotless and smudge free.

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Please Search & Watch Youtube Video Why We are #1 YouTube Ranking - 'Galaxy S3 Repairs Hurstville' . With the heat gun set to low, heat up the borders for about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the strength of your heat gun. If the device is heated up too much then it may melt the digitizer and cause discoloration.

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