This handy wood repair set is available in 3 different packs, each containing 4 soft wax filler sticks and a special applicator, plus larger trade sets. The Soft Wax Repair Kit is a handy set of 4 x wax filler sticks (4cm each) of varying shades used for repairing scratches, small holes, dents & chips to all wooden surfaces.
The product works by simply rubbing the wax stick into the damaged wood and then scraping off the excess with the applicator tool (provided). The wood filler sticks can be used for quickly repairing damages to all wooden surfaces such as hard wood (solid wood), soft wood, veneer, laminate, melamine, paper foils and all other types of wood. The way the wood is repaired, is by rubbing the lightest of the shades on first followed by the darker colour(s) to mimic the grain pattern and help the repair blend in better. Using the lightest of the shades selected, rub the wax stick into the scratch so it starts to fill the scratch to about 80% full. Most repairs will require 2 or more sticks to be rubbed into the scratch for a perfect repair, this helps replicate the grain of the wood. As you can see by this photo, when filling the wood, you don't aim to just keep the filler in the scratch.
If at this stage you weren't happy, just use the edge of the applicator to dig the wax out and start again. You can also use the edge of the applicator to apply wax to specific areas rather than rubbing it in like we did in this guide. As the products in the kit are made from wax, if stored in a cool, dry place and kept in a sealed container they will last for many years.
The quantity of wax provided in each kit is typically enough to carry out many repairs and will often be sufficient to repair multiple pieces of furniture. Customer Testimonials2nd August 2012Hi there, I recently bought one of your light coloured soft wax repair kits to use on the top of an old side table that had some scratches to the top.
Sameday provides premium repair and rejuvenation for leather seats, consoles, and dashboards. Our leather specialists have been working with leather in the automotive and residential fields for over twenty years, and have been thoroughly trained in how to properly identify your type of leather. We exclusively use products of the utmost quality in our automotive interior repair procedures. Professional leather cleaning removes the grime, dirt and oils that build up in the leather over time. Regular care and cleaning of your leather upholstery will prolong the longevity of your leather and restore its original soft feel.
Find that perfect fabric for your decorating needs then call us for pricing and a sample for your inspection. A 10 to 12 foot table is a good size, but it depends on your use and the amount of space you have.Because most upholstery fabric is 54" wide, plus the selvage, having your table 60" wide is very efficient. Some people have their tables 48" wide, while others may have their tables 8 foot by 8 foot. Another consideration of height is that sometimes some of us climb on the table to cut some of the fabric.

A third consideration is your correct ergonomic height* (see note* at bottom of page), which says that the table height should 1" below your elbow. A fourth consideration is: Will you be using the table for anything besides a cutting table? Because I also use my cutting table as an ironing table, and I also use it to pin fabrics in place, my cutting table has a pad, with canvas over the pad.. Then I roll out the fabric and cut all the pieces needed, As I cut them I lay the pieces aside. When all the pieces are cut, I organize them, by laying each group together on various piles on the table. Then as I do the job I'll grab each pile and put the pieces together as needed, and, if needed, trimming any pieces down to an exact size.
Sometimes, if my shop is full, after the fabric is cut, I'll put a chair or a chair seat on the table and work on it there.
Cleaning the TableOne thing to keep in mind, if you have a large shop, you might want to have two cutting tables, which is very handy. In developing an industrial workstation, a designer shouldtake into account the height of the workstation.
Spam attacts on this website have become extraordinary, so the user registration has been turned off. The Soft Wax Repair Kit can also be used for wooden flooring, furniture, motor homes, caravans, boats and wood used in all other enironments. From the kit, three wax sticks were selected; these were the sticks that resembled the various shades in the wood the most. The exact coverage provided is of course difficult to predict, as with all things, the amount of product used in each project will depend entirely on the size and severity of the damage and indeed the number of areas requiring attention. The kit was really easy to use and the range of waxes provided were a near perfect match to the colour of the wood. We can also apply a special protectant to newly cleaned and rejuvenated leather that will help repel spills and stains. You want the table to be wide enough to hold the fabric width, but you also want to be able to reach the middle of the table from either side. You will spend long hours spend bending over this table, so make sure you build it the correct height.
Figure that you'll need to have room for your roll of fabric and whatever you'll be putting on your table. For example all the cushion pieces (welts, cushion tops, zipper pieces) all go in one pile, etc., the arm pieces in another, the IB pieces in yet another pile.
However, if you only have ONE table, as I do, it's much easier to keep it clean because you have to keep it clean for the next job. When the area is too high,workers must frequently lift their shoulders up, and this may cause painfulcramps near the shoulder blades, and in the neck and shoulders. A minor scratch, for example, will take significantly less wax to repair than a chip or hole, as it has to fill a smaller area.

We can even repair extensive sun fading damage to restore your leather’s original look and feel.
We also handle insurance claims when these types of items are damaged and the repair work needs to be perfect. To ensure your leather lasts as long as it possible, Sameday uses a three step process: Cleaning, Rejuvenation, and Protection. For the table length, you need it long enough to hold the roll of fabric plus the full length of the cut-lengths of the sofas (inside back, outside back, etc.). From my perspective I prefer to have the cutting table be as large as my small shop can handle, because it is the most used area of my shop.My big table does often get cluttered with stuff, but it's mainly with the parts of the job that I'm working on. On the other hand, when the working height is too low, the back must be excessively bowedand this causes backache. Because the tables for upholstery is very specific, and it's not very easy to find one the right size, most upholsterers build their own tables. But, it you only have room for an 8' table, you can make a hinged section for the ends that folds down to the floor.
In my last house, when I had even less space, I made the last 2' of the table fold down (on hinges) for the times when I needed a longer table.
One way is to to your kitchen table (or another utility table) and bend over it, as though you were cutting fabric on the table. If the table is at the correct ergonomic height*, then the chair will be too high to work on comfortably. Nowadays, when I'm building a cutting table, because other sizes are much harder to find, I usually use 4' X 8' plywood sheets. Therefore, the work table height must be compatible with worker height, whether standing or sitting. Then, for the times when you need the length, you can fold it up while you are using it, then fold it down again. Depending upon the length of my table, I cut 2 or 3 sheets off at 5' length, and then run the 5' length across the width of my table. However, most of the time when I have something small to iron, I'll just lift up a corner other the vinyl to expose a corner of my ironing surface. Konz (1967) found that the best working height is about 2.5 cm (1inch) below the elbow, however, the working height can vary several centimeters up or down without any significant effect on performance. Or, if the table is too high for you, stand on various thicknesses of wood until you find the right height.
For determining proper workstation height Konz (1990) has recommended threedifferent approaches; (1) make available several work surface heights, (2) adjust the operator’s elbow rather than the height of the workstation, which can be adjust by utilizing an adjustable chair or providing a platform to stand on if necessary, and (3) adjust the height of the work on the workbench.
Putting in the effort to plan it out at the beginning can save you a lot of grief in the end.

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