Visiting Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a wonderful idea for anyone, young or old.  The Cape has a series of small villages running all along its coastlines, and each one has something to offer tourists. One of the first towns we visited was Hyannis for all the obvious reasons, such as the John F.
After spending a day in Hyannis, we walked over to the harbor to get more information about the various ferries. While at the Hyannis Harbor, we noticed The Black Cat Tavern, a restaurant we had heard was voted the Best Clam Chowder on the Cape and the Best Giant Lobster Roll.
The next day, we went across Nantucket Sound to the island of Nantucket on the Hy-Line High Speed Ferry.  Arriving at Nantucket Island, you can’t help but notice the beautiful town almost immediately. The next few days were spent driving through the various villages on Cape Cod.  We spent time browsing and shopping in the lovely Falmouth, went to the Yarmouth Seaside Festival, spent a day visiting Provincetown, the northern most point of the Cape, where we had lunch at the well-known Lobster Pot.
All in all, we saw most of the Cape during our week long stay and ate at some really great restaurants. I’ve never been to Massachusetts, much less Cape Cod, so thanks so much for the tour! I’ve never been to Cape Cod but hear great things about Nantucket, sounds like a great trip. Is old, worn-out, once-modern office furniture making your Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC workspace look second-rate? Don't move your problems to a new location -- solve them for good with sleek, efficient contemporaryoffice furniture. Get the most out of small spaces and tight corners with work stations and benching systems.
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Come share what I have learned from my experiences about cooking, traveling, and more, and enjoy! Hyannis which is just west of Yarmouth is in fact the largest of seven villages that make up the town of Barnstable, one of many towns that make up Barnstable County, on Cape Cod. Although we attempted to see as much as possible in the week we spent there, there were certain areas that stood out the most for us. We decided to have dinner there and enjoyed it so much, we went back a couple more times during the week. We did some shopping in Barnstable and had dinner there on our anniversary at The Barnstable Restaurant and Tavern, another fabulous choice for fresh seafood meals and more.  We drove the scenic route 6A through various villages on the northern coast of the Cape, stopping from time to time, exploring antique shops and more. We even had some of the best homemade ice cream ever at the Cape Cod Creamery in South Yarmouth, where colorful wooden Adirondack chairs lined the front lawns and porches around the typical Cape Cod style building. Nantucket was awesome, and all of the food was delicious…the lobster rolls, the clam chowder, the fresh seafood selections,…all of it! Sleek, lightweight and easily reconfigured, contemporary office furniture looks great and adapts easily to the changing needs of your office.
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We chose West Yarmouth because it was centrally located on the southern coastline of Cape Code and was close to the ferries in Hyannis that would take us over the Nantucket Sound to either the island of Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, one of the best restaurants we went to was right across the street from the Hyannis Inner Harbor, where you could take the Hy-Line High Speed Ferry or Traditional Ferry to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. The reason for our choice was the trip would take about fifty-five minutes rather than the one hour and fifty minute ride on the traditional ferry. Whenever my mother and I would travel together, if Clam Chowder was on the menu, she would order it.
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It wasn’t oozing mayonnaise, so you could really enjoy the taste of the large pieces of fresh lobster on a roll that was fresh and lightly toasted.
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