Unpick history and inform originality as you restore at least 3 pieces of antique furniture on the course. One the things that marks our woodworking course out as being better than other woodworking courses is our focus on antique furniture restoration.
Over the 30-week course each student will restore three genuine pieces of antique furniture. Very early in his career, Anselm discovered that over-polishing restoration pieces did not satisfy clients because it removed character. On our woodworking courses, students learn how to bring a piece of furniture back to life while maintaining its patina (which Anselm describes as being “the scratches in the wood under the polish, the scratches in the polish and the smudges and dirt in the wax above the polish”). Furthermore, in a recent survey of past and present students, we discovered that, while many people came here with a general desire to ‘do a woodworking course’ or ‘do a furniture making course’, over 90% said they left with genuine interest in furniture restoration. Of course ‘doing woodwork’ and ‘making furniture’ are at the very core of our programme; that is why we offer more practical bench time than any other school we know of. However, it is interesting to note how captivating furniture restoration becomes for so many people.
Learning historical techniques in this way gives an excellent practical base for utilising a range of skills in the future. Equally, for those with more of a design focus, furniture restoration will influence, inspire and crucially, inform originality.
For years we have given tuition and and run courses on antique furniture restoration and upholstery, and also clock repair. Although we are retired as restorers we will continue to run the weekend courses.

Before recent retirement we offered restoration and  re-upholstery services for antique chairs. We aren’t antique dealers, up until our recent retirement we were restorers and conservators specialising in antique chair restoration.
We acquired extensive knowledge and experience restoring furniture and seating using traditional methods.
We’re always happy to answer any question and queries to do with antique furniture and chair restoration. Nigel is a member of the Institute of Conservator Restorers in Ireland, he also works on clocks , especially longcase (grandfather) clocks.
If you need to source a piece of antique furniture, contact us and we’ll help you find it. We don't have a set upholstery course nor a set restoration course so exactly what you learn depends on what you ask us to show you but basically, the beginner's upholstery course covers traditional methods and materials, and antique restoration. Ushers Antique Restoration's have been established for over 17 years, with owner Nick Usher personally having over 29 years experience of antique furniture restoration in many spheres including museum work, large institutions, universities as well as private individual clients and commercial work. Far from sitting in a classroom listening to dry lectures we encourage students to unpick history, literally. We have a passion for quality materials and workmanship and we understand all aspects of chair restoration. All restored by us and part of our private collection; we  no longer upholster chairs as a service.

That work included replacement of missing or damaged parts, veneers, French polish and finishes, woven cane, sugan and rush seats. We think that all restoration including antique chair restoration should be appropriate to the particular piece. The joints gradually loosen and blocks or braces that reinforce the corners often need replacement. We recommend pieces at auction and we’ll give you a quotation for restoration before you bid. Sometimes the conservation approach is a consideration, especially for rare and valuable items. For more serious cases Nigel will give advice about making up new frame components. We are happy to give advice about antique chair restoration but we no longer do the work ourselves. The restoration methods we have used over the years are basically the same as the original construction methods.

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