After that, apply the wood stripper and remove a varnish, old paint or even stain from surface of the wood, includes the undersides of chairs and tabletops. Next way, you ought to sand the chairs and table with a good grit sand paper after stripping is finished. Apply the stain sparingly at the first and you can apply more stain or let the stain comes into contact, for a dark color, therefore you couldn’t decrease the darkness of the stain when it is absorbed by the wood. As same as other room, designing light fixtures for dining room is also an important activity. It?s a great pleasure that offering you the possibility to customize or decorate fork and spoon walls at home.
But before beginning to grind away at a wood floor you might want to decide how aggressive the floor re-finishing project needs to be. Scratches may disappear with a bit of stain, light sanding, and re-finishing without aggressive drum-sanding.
But if you do need to sand down and re-finish a wood floor, check out these safety tips from Mike Litchfield.
Before renting a floor sander or edger, examine their electrical cords and plugs, rejecting any that are frayed, cut, cracked, or appear to have been sanded over.
Watch out: a drum sander used for floor re-finishing will typically come with its own long heavy-duty electrical cord.
You might also see a clue right on the electrical receptacle like the 20A receptacle shown at left - that T-slot indicates the receptacle was intended for a 20A circuit.
An electrical tool that draws 15 Amps can be operated on a #14 gauge extension cord at lengths up to 50 feet.
Don't buy an extension cord that is much longer than you need: longer electrical cords create more electrical resistance and are more likely to overheat during heavy use.
Finish manufacturers have reduced the volatility and strong odors of their products, but you should always limit your exposure to them by wearing an organic-vapor respirator, long sleeves, and gloves when sanding old finishes or applying new ones.
Even fumes from water-based polyurethane are unhealthful to breathe, so as soon as finishes are dry to the touch, open windows to let vapors disperse. Floors that were painted before 1978 may contain lead-based paints, so don't sand them till you've had the paint tested. Lead paint hazards during a home renovation job include creating lead-containing dust by demolition or sanding. Old asphalt-asbestos or vinyl asbestos floors, including some sheet flooring installed up to about 1980 usually contains asbestos as both fibers and as a filler.
Asbestos exposure hazards from non-friable (hard) asbestos materials such as floor tiles or sheet flooring are low, possibly below the limits of detection in residential buildings provided the flooring is un-damaged and undisturbed. Leaving such floors in place and installing flooring over them is the least hazardous approach and is recommended by the US EPA. It would be smart to assume that asphalt or vinyl flooring installed up to 1978 (or even 1983 in some areas) contains asbestos. Watch out: if asbestos-containing flooring is damaged, broken up or breaking up during your home renovation, professional remediation may be needed. This article is adapted from Renovation 4th Edition [live link just below] by Michael Litchfield and used with permission. Michael Litchfield, a founding editor of "Fine Homebuilding" magazine, has been renovating homes or writing about them for almost 40 years. Continue reading at WOOD FLOOR FINISHES or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. Try the search box below or CONTACT US by email if you cannot find the answer you need at InspectApedia.
Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore. Furniture Restoration Services — What is furniture restoration and what can a service do for you? Whether to use a professional furniture restoration service, or attempt the furniture restoration yourself is a tricky question. Furniture restoration is often confused, or used interchangeably with the term furniture refinishing.
One reason people attempt furniture restoration themselves, rather than hire a furniture restoration company is due to cost. If you decide it’s best to call on the skills and resource of a furniture restoration company, it’s important to do a little investigation before you turn over your beloved piece. The next time a special antique catches your eye, think forward to its possible restoration, and you may decide to negotiate your price for the piece accordingly. If you have an article that you would like to publish, then you may submit an article and it will be listed on this site. Birch is stable when properly dried, but like many other woods, is susceptible to warping, decay, and fungal infestations if used in damp areas. Solid birch wood is very easy to machine; cutting and drilling are not difficult, but it’s a good idea to drill pilot holes before nailing or screwing into the wood.
We've included lots of nice details in this site, but isn't going to look like it should in an outdated browser. Upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer or downloading an alternate web browser would be fine and you can download newer browsers here.
Learn how to build a flag display case; details include building a stretcher frame and case along with tips, materials and tool lists. Learn how to install a wall-mounted portrait fireplace; watch a video that demonstrates how easy it is to install one in your home. Well, the kids entertain their friends down here, and we wanted them to be able to put things up on the walls - their posters and art works and make it their own place. While the kids work on their creations for the soon to be art wall, mom, dad and I get started on the project. Our final preparation step is to attach these strips or lumber, or ledgers as they're called, that will temporarily support the panels when we put them up later on. Next, Jenny and Steve lift the panel into position and set the bottom on the temporary ledger we installed earlier. I'm going to head down the road-- thank you so much - you guys were great to work with. Well I'd hardly gotten out the door when the kids went to work decorating their new wall, creating a style all their own. In Salt Lake City, Utah, the Stout family has transformed their basement family room into a game room complete with ping-pong, foosball and an area for darts. Putty Wood Filler: This type of wood filler is generally used to repair small holes or dents.

In order to successfully apply wood fillers, no matter what type is chosen, it is important to start with a clean and dry surface. If you mean your Honda in your mom's garage that your dad built beside the home your mom lives in and the basement you pay no rent to live in then sure. So what I'd like to do is bring the ambience of the family room fireplace into the kitchen.
Rob taps a prybar between the baseboard and wall, then slips in a wide putty knife behind, to keep from denting or crushing the surface. Once he's satisfied there are no obstructions, he drills two larger holes through the floor, one for a shutoff valve, and the other for a gas line. The gas line is then pushed through the floor and pulled up through the hole in the cabinet. With the cabinet base secure, the core of the fireplace, the firebox and burner, is set temporarily in place and the vent location marked on the interior wall.
The vent collars are checked for alignment, the vent cap is set in place, the outline is traced and the shingles are cut away, using a circular saw.
In many areas, code requires an easily accessible shutoff valve within three feet of a gas appliance. Alan turns on the gas at the valve and uses this portable detector to test the line, fittings and connections. Wires are twisted together, secured with wire nuts -- and tucked carefully inside the junction box.
Screws are run through the top and into the wall cleats, securing the upper section to the wall.
With everything ready, the tempered glass plate is put back and covered with a decorative face, available in a variety of metals and finishes.
Kurt Rumens, the inventor of the portrait fireplace, came up with the idea when he and his wife were lodging at a cozy bread and breakfast.
Litchfield offers safety suggestions for wood floor refinishing projects including advice about drum sander extension cords, avoiding volatile organic compounds in some floor finishing coatings, and watching out for lead and asbestos hazards during preparation for installing a new floor over an old one. And a floor that has previously been sanded a time or two may be a bit thin to suffer that treatment again. Do not try to extend the cord's reach using an under-sized extension cord: the risk is melted extension cord, electrical shock, even a fire.
So before you start sanding or applying finish, turn off pilot lights for water heaters, ranges, and furnace. Trash bags of moist sawdust or covered garbage cans full of oily rags can generate enough heat to combust spontaneously, so don't allow debris to collect on site. Keep in mind that if there is lead-based paint on building floors it is likely to be present on other surfaces such as door and window trim (a child hazard) and on painted cabinets, walls or other surfaces. In addition floor tiles or sheet flooring may have been adhered with an asbestos-containing mastic adhesive. Wash or damp-mop the floor surface before installing your rosin paper or other flooring underlayment for the new floor. To be safe, stop work in that case, and do not try to clean up dust that may contain asbestos by using an ordinary vacuum-cleaner such as the shop vac shown in our photograph above: you may actually increase the airborne asbestos level. He was one of the first technical journalists to go to job sites to gather information from tradespeople. It’s likely that you’ve spent a good deal of money on your antique, and hardly feel like spending more to have the piece restored.
Has the BBB had any complaints against the furniture restoration service company you’re considering? Once you’ve settled on a furniture restoration service, be sure to discuss estimated cost and timeline upfront. I urge you to buy the piece at a fair rate, seriously evaluate your restoration skills, and seek the help of a professional restoration service when needed. For this reason, birch wood furniture should only be used indoors, preferably in dry rooms like the living room, dining area, and play room, rather than in the bathroom or basement. Turning and carving are also possible, but the wood must be sanded very smooth before finishing, because cross-grain scratching is very apparent. To avoid this, use a pre-stain conditioner and allow it to dry before applying a wiping stain. This room was designed to give Ginny and Steve a relaxing place to enjoy some family fun with their four children.
When new pulls or knobs are added to drawers, wood filler can be used to fill in the old holes. The two thickest are wood putty and wood filler and these are the two materials that are generally used to fill nail holes and dents in wood furniture. But one place I've always wanted a fireplace but never had one, is right here in the kitchen. He starts things off by removing the baseboards in the corner where the fireplace will sit.
Then, metal brackets are mounted to the cabinet deck, and attached to the studs with screws. Then the firebox is removed and Rob places the vent collar in position and traces the shape on the wall. The blade depth is set so that it cuts only through the shingles, and not into the sheathing.
First, he installs a brass connector to the unit, then strips off the insulation from the end of the flexible gas line – slips on a split ring, attaches the line to the brass fitting on the burner, and tightens everything using a pair of wrenches. These coal-like nuggets are also made of ceramic and, along with this fibrous version of the material, some of which is shredded on by flaking it off with a stiff brush, will radiate a warm red color that bears a striking resemblance to glowing embers. He began thinking how a fireplace higher up on the wall could be enjoyed from just about anywhere in the room. Well, restoring oak dining room table and chair exactly can be a satisfying project, moreover when it is done by self.
You can try avoiding using a paint scraper tool because actually it can damage the wood grain. And do not cut off or modify the sander's electrical plug to try to fit into a different type of electrical outlet than the plug fits. Empty sander bags often into a metal container safely away from the house and other combustibles. Litchfield's recent title, "In-laws, Outlaws and Granny Flats" was named one of the "10 Best Design Books for 2011." Two of Mr.
Before we consider whether you need the professional services of a furniture restoration company, let’s define furniture restoration.

Furniture restoration often includes cleaning the antique, replacing critical parts (perhaps a dresser leg is missing, or a drawer pull is lost)- basically restoring the piece back to its glory.
If you have a company in mind, ask if they’ve seen any of their restored pieces, or know of anyone who has used their services. It won’t take long for you to get a feel for the level of personal service they are willing to provide. Often, the restorer will uncover additional needs of the piece as they begin the restoration process.
Remember, antiques offer rich beauty, and make for an intelligent investment when properly cared for. One characteristic unique to birch is its smooth, white bark, which is left on by many furniture manufacturers.
Staining birch is also easier than staining maple; it absorbs dyes and stains (especially dark ones) more effectively than the more expensive wood. Since the children use this room as the preferred "hang out", Ginny thought it would be fun to add a cork border to the surrounding walls to give the youngsters a place to express themselves with posters, pictures and even T-shirts. Also, wood filler can be used to fix areas that have been damaged during moves or when something has fallen on a piece of furniture and created a dent. Epoxy wood filler can be purchased as a paste or it can be purchased as a combination of resin and adhesive that must be mixed by hand before applying it to the wood.
It is possible to purchase putty wood filler in varying colors to match the wood on the furniture, but two different colors can also be mixed together to create a new color if an exact match cannot be found.
Pore filler, on the other hand, is thinner than the first two substances and is most commonly used on “open grain” woods such as oak and mahogany to fill the wood’s natural pores and holes in order to produce a smooth finish. The wood filler should then be applied by following the mixing and application instructions that are written on the product’s packaging.
Portrait fireplaces get their name from the fact that they're usually up off the floor, closer to picture height. But because it involves requires a gas line, electrical and venting, I think I’m gonna leave this installation up to the pros. Then it's time to bring in the upper cabinet, and set it in place, surrounding the burner and firebox. The liner not only acts as a heat shield between the firebox and cabinet, it also reflects heat outward.
The fireplace is a familiar sight in a living room, but now there's a way to bring that warmth into a bedroom, bath or kitchen. You can often make a real heirloom from something hopeless or worthless with some amazing, old fashioned elbow grease. And if the chairs and tables were bought in a complete disassembled state, try to dry fit the parts to ensure all the parts are present. Give a finish coat such, like satin polyurethane then use a brush and watch for brush bristles left behind in the finished coat. Merriam Webster defines the word “restore” as: to bring back to or put back into a former or original state.
But before deciding to restore the antique yourself, I caution you to honestly evaluate your restoration skills, and do a bit of research of the difficultly level of the particular needs of your antique. Yellow birch, by contrast, is a more consistent golden shade with very little white sapwood. The best wood filler to use on a piece of furniture is the type that is both strong and flexible. After application, the area should be allowed to dry and then it should be sanded and smoothed again. Some unique vintage oak tables and chairs with un- restored condition are valid for less than finish sets and can be worth thousand dollars after you work with a magic of the restoration.  If you want to try refinish and repair an Oak dining room table and chairs by your self.
Use wood glue again to rejoin any tenon joints and mortise then apply furniture clamps to whole pieces. If you don't have a heavy-duty extension cord, rent or buy one; lightweight household cords could overheat and start a fire. Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home. Clearly the goal of restoration is to make the piece look as it did when it was first created.
Sadly, I know of many pieces whose potential was stripped away by a DIY restoration attempt gone wrong. Another option is to finish birch with a coat of oil or clear polyurethane, and allow its unique natural color to take center stage. To tie the border in with the rest of the room, they add decorative trim to the top and bottom of the cork. Finally, the wood can either be stained or a touch-up layer of finish can be applied over the repaired area so that it matches the rest of the piece. Refinishing means removing the current finish on the piece (usually by sanding) and applying a new finish.
If you decide the piece could be better restored by a furniture restoration company, consider the additional expenditure an investment in the piece. One of the only negatives associated with epoxy wood filler is that it dries so strong that if it is applied incorrectly or if a mistake is made, it is difficult to remove.
Proper furniture restoration will not only bring out the hidden beauty of the antique (and may increase its value) but it will also lengthen the life of the piece when properly cared for. With a little edge banding and creative finishing, you’ll have a sturdy and attractive piece that should last for years. Now that we’re clear on definition of furniture restoration, let’s consider whether you need professional restoration services. The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively. Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order.

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