If your home or office furniture requires repairs beyond upholstery or re-upholstery service, we at Craftsman Custom Upholstery are also experts in performing furniture repair and refinishing. Just in, some brand new coveted Serta I-Series "Perfect Day" mattresses at Oneonta Discount Furniture on Chestnut St. Here's something that is hard to find, and everyone needs one at one time or another: a pair of "hook-plate adapters".

Just in, this sturdy, finished trestle table with 6 matching large chairs- 2 of them captain's chairs with the arms. For example, if the furniture needs some type of repair, refinishing, touch-up or restoration, we have individuals on our team who are qualified to expertly perform these specialized services. Presenting our huge collection of Repair Remover Installer available for purchase right now online.

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