V 112 support for rear sight base - tightening catch lever without removingI've used this requently, on guns where the catch lever was flopping around. V 112 support for rear sight base - removing or installing catch lever This keeps force on the axle and off the rear sight base. V 108, V108-1 top cover reshaping mandrels.given that new top covers, are relatively inexpensive, I've not found a need to actually repair a dented cover.
V 108 top cover reshaping mandrel - min selector clearance.a selector that bypasses the stop n the top cover, will push the disconnector forward and with it, causing the trigger to rotate back - firing the rifle.
W 42 staking tool, square, for pistol grip bolt, in useSince American shooters often want to switch their furniture around, I do not stake this bolt on customer guns. W 108 gas tube reshaping mandrel I've not used it for its intended purpose, as gas tubes are usually cheaper to replace than to repair. W 117 crank for installing and removing muzzle nut, closeupI don't see many customer guns that use a nut instead of the slant brake, and the nut is so tight that the wrench is useful.
W 117.1 crank for installing and removing slant brake, closeupThis is another of the last-resort tools.

W 104 magazine reshaping mandrel At the time of this writing, quality steel magazines are $15. W 116 magazine catch assembly pliers, closeup Filing a little step in it makes it work better for the flat bottom AK74 mag catch. L 102 with G side against back of mag well, mag catch should contact gauge, with A side, there should be a gap.New magazine catches come with the stop oversize. W 111 adjustment tool, front sight height, in use The chest came with 2 of these and I've broken one already.
V 103 front sight adjustment, in useThis is very useful for intalling a new threaded cylinder. W 115 tip allows for pulling or pushing springs I really like this simple tool and use it all the time.
L 104 with upward pressure on the bolt carrier, closing on the 3mm side should release the hammer. W 121 staking punch in use an orignal stock screw is concave and designed to be fared, converting it to a flared rivet.

W 114 wrench, lower handguard retaining lever, in useAfter years of use, I broke this end, but using a carbide cutter, I was able to fabricate a new slot. According to Jada, she and her family are always trying to be closer to nature, and this is what they wanted to achieve in the interior of the house - natural materials, natural colors, handmade furniture.
The verical hole is for the firing pin retaining pin, the diagnal hole is for the extractor retaining pin. The square 11.8 mm section inspects distance from top of receiver to hammer while hammer is retained by auto sear. That is what they managed to achieve in the design of his home with elements of ethnic style.

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