You should keep the display furniture on your sales floor looking it sharpest, to help your reps close that sale. Larger multi-store furniture companies, however, are probably going to want to hire a professional. Our technicians are trained in a variety of furniture repair services and equipped to perform a large variety of tasks cleanly and efficiently in a customers home. But perhaps most importantly, our technicians are taught to strive to have a good service completion rate while maintaining good customer service.
Our customer was upset with finding a chip in their Edwardian side table along with damage to the pelmet (which is the narrow border along the top) of their clock.A  However our skilled wood specialist in Nottingham, Andy, was on hand to get these looking pristine again with some expert cosmetic repairs. In order to repair the clock, we manufactured a new decorative top which was then stained and lacquered to make it look as close to the original as possible.
For the table, matching the red colour may look like a challenge but Andy has access to a broad range of specialist tools which you cana€™t find in the shops. If one of your springs break therea€™s no need to panic, just call us, the furniture professionals. Our technicians keep common replacement parts, like springs, in their van to ensure you wona€™t have to wait for a repair. Our customera€™s sofa and recliner were starting to feel less than comfortable as the seat cushion interiors had been worn down by use.
Fortunately Darcy, our skilled repair technician in Dartford, was able to identify the problem right away. No matter the filling - we source, replace and fit cushion interiors to give you the best support. You can see our reviews hereA and if youa€™ve recently had a repair with us we always appreciate the feedback.
Our wood repair specialist in South East London, Paul, was on hand to provide a professional solution. At Guardsman we repair and restore wooden furniture and are able to repair everyday damage like scratches and gouges. Structural problems are something which are difficult to live with and even more difficult to perform a DIY repair on. We take on a large variety of furniture restoration jobs; each poses its own challenges but fortunately our specialists can take on most forms of furniture cleaning and repairs, even when the worst happens. We were contacted by a store in Edmonton, London who suffered a break-in the day before their grand opening. We operate across the UK and our technicians are on-hand to restore damaged furniture and the pride in your home.
Leather, while resilient and hard wearing upholstery, is still vulnerable to staining and the build-up of dirt. For best results we recommend cleaning your sofa on a bi-monthly basis a€“ however depending on how much you use your furniture you may wish to clean and protect once a month. Here at Guardsman, one of the more common repair queries we get is around the flattening of sofa cushions and whether we can restore them back to their original shape. For some jobs our technician will need to take accurate measurements of your seat cushions to source replacement fillings.
If youa€™re tired of high maintenance soft interior cushions like fibre or feather we can provide other options for you instead. We can also fully replace soft interiors with a foam filling and profile the shape to replicate the a€?domea€™ look of perfectly plumped seat cushions. If youa€™re looking a for a full clean or a stain removal, why not check out our sofa cleaningA services. Knocks to wood can happen through everyday use but you dona€™t need to live with the damage. We cleans stains on furniture on an everyday basis and pride ourselves on being able to deal with the most challenging stains whether ita€™s ink or bodily fluids.
We perform all sorts of leather restoration and can re-colour suites if the leather has started to fade or suffered staining. When it comes to cosmetic repairs on two tone leather we only send our most experienced repair specialists out to deal with this kind of damage.
Furniture Repair London a€“ repair technicians now available to service the South East of England.
Joining our in-home care and repair team are Gary, Archie, Darcey, Peter, David, Tamer, Paul, Glenn, Ian, Adam, Steve, and Darren. Handpicked by Guardsman, each of our technicians possess a wealth of experience and long history of delivering successful repairs and service excellence.
Our techniciansA  provide furniture repair and cleaning across fabric and leather, wooden furniture, recliners and sofa mechanisms. Sofa Cleaning and Stain Removal a€“ cleaning specialists now available in London and the South East of England.
Wea€™re pleased to announce that we have extended the areas of our local furniture cleaning service. Our new cleaning specialists are Rod, Geraint, Dave, David, Richard, Robin, Martin, Ian, John, Matt, Rick, David, Gurdip, Andy, Chris, and Simon. Our cleaning specialists are experts in cleaning leather and fabric upholstery and can perform full overall cleans on sofas.
Whether you have a fabric or leather sofa, we can restore flattened sofa cushions with new foam. This chair had been knocked over and left a deep gouge in the back upright of the chair, which was extremely noticeable. Jon shows us how he removes a red wine stain from fabric upholstery and the process he follows in order to get there. We have a nationwide network of skilled cleaning specialists; they carry a vast range of specialist cleaning equipment and chemicals to provide full furniture cleans and remove stains.
We will attempt to diagnose the cause of the problem through photographs so our technician arrives fully prepared to tackle the problem. This manual recliner would not recline for our customer and ita€™s easy for us to see why this could be the case from the before picture!
Sean, one of our In-Home Care & Repair technicians, demonstratesA how he performs a leather sofa repair. At Guardsman our leather care specialists are available to provide repairs and cleaning on leather upholstery.
We know how important matching dining room furniture is to our customers, and one broken chair can be difficult to replace. You can have your furniture repaired by a certified furniture repair technician right here in Park City, UT!
There is nothing worse than when you sit down on your couch and your watch snags a piece of the fabric. Breathe new life back into your furniture with furniture repair by Furniture Medic by James in Park City! Welcome To Furniture Medic by JamesTop QualityWhen furniture that you cherish has been damaged, chipped or scratched, Furniture Medic by James helps “restore the things that matter most.” Whether you need furniture touch ups, to fix broken furniture, or to restore furniture, Furniture Medic by James is the Park City, UT furniture repair technician who can add new life to your old and nicked up furniture!
The furniture service at Furniture Medic by James includes furniture enhancement and restoration.
Serving Park City and the surrounding major cities, their furniture repair technician can restore furniture and repair broken furniture made up of many different types of materials. Please contact us for a quote on your repair need or to inquire about opening your own OnSite Restorations Franchise.
Scratches and chips on the furniture in your store leads customers to believe the same will happen to them.
As mentioned before, we can help you create a rotating repair schedule based on your average needs. Especially in a customers’ home, a third party furniture repair company needs to represent your brands best interests. While, sadly, wea€™re not likely to make a guest appearance on Antiques Roadshow anytime soon, we think that Fiona Bruce would be impressed with the end result of these antique repairs.
It was secured in place with a fast acting and strong adhesive to ensure a long lasting repair.
Our repair experts know the internal structure of sofas like the back of their hands and can get this back to normal right away. No matter the upholstery, cushion filling will flatten over time and is often accelerated by our own habits, like sitting in the same spot.

The foam and fibre covering beneath the fitted lining had torn apart against the vertical internal frame panel, which had made it sharper in the process.
This attractive unit had been stained with hair dye and nail varnish remover causing extensive damage to the surface of the wood.
With years of experience in French Polishing, Paul was able to strip the top of the dresser to remove the staining. There was damage to various locations across two of their leather sofas including damage to the recliner footrest, back, and arms. The perpetrators had vandalised the entire store with industrial spray paint, damaging the walls and the furniture inside.
One of our London furniture restoration specialists, Rick, was on hand immediately to rescue the situation.
To keep your furniture looking ita€™s best for longer ita€™s important to maintain a cleaning and protecting regime to keep your leather looking its best.
Do not attempt the guide below if you have a suede or nubuck sofa as these materials require different care. With some interiors we will be able to restore them on the day and refill the cushion, replacing the existing matted interior with a brand new replacement.
As seat cushions come in a variety of shapes and sizes we will identify the exact replacement you need and the interior will be electronically cut to match the shape of your cushions.
If you love the feeling of feather but dona€™t want the hassle of daily plumping we can provide composite interior options so you can get the best from both worlds.
Our cleaning specialists use industry leading equipment and extraction machines to lift all the dirt and grime of day to day life from your furniture. While leather is more resilient than fabric upholstery to dirt and staining ita€™s important to keep up a cleaning and protecting regime with leather specialist products. Several of the central slats had split as well as the support rail, which left our customer sleeping on the floor! Scratches, gouges, dents all leave visible marks in the wood surface and cana€™t be effectively concealed without professional tools and products. In this case our repair specialist Archie was called out to clean a whiskey stain from this leather sofa. Sometimes spilt by accident other times sprayed on intentionally to help freshen the suite. The staining was caused by an oil air freshener being accidentally spilt on the cushion meaning this isna€™t a straight forward clean.
We keep common replacement parts in stock so repairs can be completed quickly and effectively. Theya€™re skilled at all kinds of stain removal and cleaning, able to tackle the furniture nightmares like vomit, red wine, urine, and blood! When it comes to electric recliners, they have a lot of different components which can break, which is why we thoroughly test the furniture to identify the source of the fault. Damage like this can be extremely difficult to clean up and as our customer had found, attempting to do this with household cleaning products can make the problem worse. We take care of the whole process from measuring the affected area, to sourcing the new foam and then fitting it. While we cana€™t make wood grow back, what we excel in is performing cosmetic repairs to completely conceal the damage so that you wouldna€™t know it had ever happened.
This favourite seat had a damaged kick plate and the holes in the leather were too damaged to be cosmetically repaired. This spring unit had snapped metal strips which caused the front row of springs to sink and not provide the support a sofa bed should! He performs a thorough inspection of all the electrical components to identify the cause of the fault in this reclinerA chair and replaces a broken cable.A Our repair specialists keep the most common parts in stock so in the majority of cases there's no need for a follow up visit or a wait for parts.
While we cana€™t restore the original wood, we can make it appear as if the damage never happened with a range of specialist wood restoration tools and products that arena€™t available in the shops. Upon inspection, Mark our local furniture repair technician in Leeds, saw immediately that the frame had bent and was bowing outwards causing the mechanism to lock up. Like all of our furniture professionals he repairs the sofaA meticulously using a range of specialist tools and products to completely conceal the damage and fix theA tear in the arm of this red leather sofa. Our network of technicians stretch across the UK, they are based locally meaning we can fix the damage quickly so you won't be without your furniture for long. Our technicians can repair structural damage to furniture and a collapsed chair is no exception. Simply fill-out the form below and a representative of the company will contact you shortly.
When you have a valuable piece of antique furniture that time has taken its toll on, you shouldn’t throw it away or let it further deteriorate sitting in your attic or basement.
With years of experience fixing broken furniture, there is nothing too hard for the Furniture Medic to handle! Our professional technicians will return to your store on a regular schedule, performing wood touch-up, upholstery repair, and furniture maintenance without disturbing your companies workflow.
One of the seat springs had come away from the rail in our customera€™s sofa, but fortunately the spring itself was undamaged. Without this supportive layer you may start to feel the frame and spring underneath, which are sharp and unpleasant to sit on. He stripped down the chair and planed away the sharper edges of the metal, which were the main cause of discomfort. Our customersa€™ have consistently rated us 5 stars, both for the quality of the repairs and cleaning our technicians perform, and for our customer service. Once nail varnish penetrates the wood finish cleaning the surface is difficult even with the best cleaning products.
He then re-applied the lacquer coating to the top of the wood to restore the finish and re-polished the surface of the dresser, giving it a lustrous sheen. However even though the damage looks bad at a first glance, and is heartbreaking to find if youa€™re house proud, ita€™s a routine fix for our leather experts.
If you lean to one side it could tip over at any moment, making this leather suite less than ideal to relax on.
Their trail of destruction affected 90% of their furniture, turning what should have been an exciting day into a sombre affair, as you can probably tell from the photos.
Over the course of two evenings he worked tirelessly removing paint from every piece of furniture in the store including sofa sets, dining and bedroom furniture, coffee tables and bookcases. While there are many options for products and cleaning solutions we recommend only using leather specialist productsA on your furniture.
Gently foam the product into a sponge and gently wipe the upholstery in a circular movement.
Ita€™s important to re-apply a protective layer over your furniture after cleaning to safeguard against premature aging and irreversible damage from penetrating stains.
We work with industry leading suppliers and can offer you a range of grades and densities so you can select the firmness that will give you the best support.
From our years of experience in cleaning we will always identify the fabric type first to make sure that the products we use will be safe to use on your upholstery.
Luckily our furniture repair specialist in South London, Darcy, was on hand to repair the damage.
Our customer in London had gouges to wood panelling on their bath tub, leaving noticeable marks running through the wood grain. We always advise to only use specialist products on leather and avoid using general cleaning products on your furniture.
Moreover the difference in colour of two tone leather has a tendency to make any potential repair which involves dyeing the surface of the leather very difficult to conceal. While the most common issue we find is typically that cables become entangled in the mechanism and get severed, this case was different. Our customer had inadvertently spread the stain over a larger area and had tried a whole range of remedies such as boot polish, varnish and even paint to try and hide the damage! This means you can extend the life of your favourite furniture rather than throwing it out. Mark, our local furniture technician in Wigan, is an expert in wood repairs like these and uses a range of specialist tools to get a near perfect result. When the damage like this is extensive then we look to re-upholster the affected area and source a suitable replacement panel.
In this case, Mark our local furniture technician in Ilkley, was able to source a bespoke new metal spring mesh unit to replace the existing one and fitted the new frame in the customera€™s home.

He uses a mixture of wood specialist products and craftsman knowledge from his years of experience to carry out this repair. We repair both manual and electric reclining furniture and routinely repair and replace pistons, motors, switches, and cables. In order to get this furniture reclining again Mark fitted a new rail to the inside of the arm to help support the existing frame. Mitch, one of our local furniture repair technicians was able to re-build this leg and frame, from the ground up so the customer was able to use his furniture again. They work hard for your business, and they restore furniture better than anyone else because they want to keep your business.
Some smaller stores may be able to do this themselves, and that’s understandable in these tough economic times.
Our technicians keep a service record of repairs performed and can receive sign off from a store manager each visit. He then added a new layer of foam padding to the chair, which made it more supportive and comfortable to sit on. We take a lot of pride in the work that we do and wea€™re always delighted when we receive a new review on our website. As the damage was relatively superficial we were able to restore it without our customer needing to replace their leather suite. Fortunately our in-house expert Jonny, was able to establish the likely cause over the phone a€“ the modules which make up the sofa were not connected properly but he reassured the customer that this is something we can repair.A  Andy, our furniture repair expert in Nottingham, was on hand to re-connect the brackets, giving the frame a stronger foundation removing the wobble in the process. Using his expert stain removal techniques, Rick completely restored the furniture back to its true showroom condition. Leather comes in a vast range of finishes so make sure youa€™re familiar with your leather type.
Ita€™s important to remove this prior to cleaning as this will prevent any excess from being spread around your sofa or pressed directly into the leather.
The protector forms an invisible protective barrier against dirt and staining, making it easier to remove any spills. Stephen, our cleaning specialist in Chester performed a full pre-clean to prepare this customera€™s sofas and then used a hot water extraction technique which removes all of the dirt as well as the cleaning detergents. In order to remove the grease our repair specialist in Wolverhampton, Sean, initially provided our customer with an effective de-greaser product to apply to the sofa. He discovered on inspection that not only was the main support rail broken but one of the plastic support legs was missing. Darcy, one of our furniture repair specialists in London carried out a full cosmetic wood repair to conceal the damage.
When damage is done to this extent cleaning to remove the stain is often out of the question as ita€™s virtually impossible to remove the orange colour. Mitch, one of our repair experts, addressed the damage by re-colouring and sealing the leather to make it appear as if it had never been stained. Performing pre-tests to ensure that only solutions suitable for your fabric are used to ensure the furniture is left pH neutral as well as looking clean so therea€™s no risk of bleaching! Christian, our local furniture repair technician in Rhyl, identified that the problem was the transformer. In the image you can see that with high use the foam will eventually start to collapse and lose ita€™s resilience.
He started off by sanding the area to remove any splinters and melting wax filler sticks to fill the chip. The central tie, which supports the cushion foam underneath the seats had come loose, which meant that the foam had become trapped in the webbing (causing the visible sag). In order to repair this damage, Mark our local furniture repair technician in Selby, removed the damaged section of leather and re-upholstered the furniture, stitching it into place. Like all of our In-Home Care & Repair technicians he is an expert in structural repairs and can provide an effective solution there and then in your home so you won't be without your furniture for long. He then screwed a heavy duty bracket to the frame to straighten the recliner and remove the bend in the furniture.
Wooden furniture repairs like these are not just limited to chairs, but something we can carry out on all sorts of different items. However this wasna€™t an issue for Mark, who performs local furniture repairs in the Wakefield area. Procure a few touch-up markers and some furniture-putty fill sticks and you can easily cross train your sales reps to do a halfway decent job making minor damage invisible from a distance.
After the refit, the furniture was completely secure and perfect for relaxing on; our customer was more than happy with the results! It takes time to remove build ups like this as the grease has to be drawn out gradually over the course of a week of daily application and cleaning. Taking accurate measurements he produced a bespoke solid wood support rail, which more hard wearing than the original.
He started by filling the missing wood with hot wax, colour matching the dark tones of the wood.
He started by cleaning the stain, then used an air brush to apply new two tone pigment to the damaged area.
Fortunately we have a resourceful team and we found a replacement part quickly and fitted this to get the customera€™s recliner working again.
Our local furniture repair technician in the Harrogate area, Mark, started out by removing the lacquer finish on the table, he sanded the damaged area and keyed the rest of the table giving him the ideal surface to work with. This sofa cushion had collapsed to the extent that it was causing the customer to roll into the middle of the seats! He then sanded and blended the finish, using a blending pen to restore the natural look of the wood grain.
Mark, our local furniture repair technician in Leeds, was able to restore these cushions to the correct position and performed structural strengthening to ensure that the cushion would not come loose again. As leather is unique to the hide of the animal it came from we have to match the pigment and surface grain of the rest of the leather. We work with most furniture in the home including tables, cabinets, wardrobes, and sideboards.
He diagnosed the problem immediately a€“ the scissor arm inside the chair had severed most of the wiring inside, leaving our customer with a stuck open recliner! Once the grease had been removed, Sean returned and recoloured the armchair matching the two tone leather pigment.
He used a blending crayon to help conceal the areas and a graining pen to add extra detail.
Archie was able to clean, re-paint, seal and lacquer the affected area so that the damage is completely invisible. He then sealed the colour to avoid it rubbing off and matched the sheen of the sofa by layering high gloss lacquer onto the affected area.
In order to restore the dark brown colour he evenly re-sprayed the table with a specialist wood spray and applied several coats of high gloss lacquer for the sheen. Mark, our local furniture repair technician in Flint, measured, sourced and fitted 5 new foam seat interiors for this customera€™s suite and re-upholstered all the soft coverings. He added an additional layer of foam to bolster both seats, secured the broken tie back into the framework.
Mark re-coloured the entire panel to ensure it fitted in perfectly with the rest of the sofa. Mark started off by removing all of the damaged parts, which included the recliner cable, transformer, power leads, and the switch. The repair was very successful as you can see from the pictures, ita€™s difficult to make out where the damage was. The repair is virtually invisible and almost impossible to tell that damage was ever there. He then finished by sealing the areas with lacquers, which matches the sheen of the wood and prevents dirt being attracted into the repaired areas.
With the parts replaced he fitted the wiring securely inside the chair so it wouldna€™t become trapped in the mechanism again.

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