Foo fighters, red hot chili peppers, the roots to play super bowl concerts, The musical festivities at this year’s super bowl won’t be limited to bruno mars’ halftime performance. Red hot chili peppers bassist flea threatens crotch-slip during 2014 super bowl xlviii halftime show performance via twitter - Super bowl weekend is upon us and the celebrities have already started to flood new york city. Foo fighters, red hot chili peppers, the roots to play super bowl concerts - The musical festivities at this year’s super bowl won’t be limited to bruno mars’ halftime performance. Run-dmc to open for chili peppers at pre-super bowl concert - Atlanta - run-dmc will open up for the red hot chili peppers at a pre-super bowl concert who's flying back to new york to watch the game from home. Jay z & beyonce rock super bowl bash - Beyonce is making super bowl weekend performances something of a habit. The foundations of the alliance of Western states against the fighters of the Islamic state were asked at the Paris conference on Monday. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Moots, headquarted in Steamboat Springs, CO, has been in this building for about 11 years now. One of each model is represented here and showed a few updates that have taken place over the past 12 months.
Windows along a hallway at the back of the showroom look down on the machine shop and finishing area. They have 31 different wall thicknesses and diameters to create the 16 different models of bike.
When they set up for a production run, they’ll batch orders and run a few extra to have on hand.
That combination of abundant machinery and processes allows for accurate repeatability and consistency, something that helps set them apart from smaller builders doing one or two bikes at a time.
A straight tube is cradled on the bottom piece, then the upper roller is pulled over it, bending the tube into the desired shape. To shape the tube profiles (ovalization, for instance), a tube is set in a clamp with the desired shape. Sometimes a tube can be bent and shaped in the middle, then cut to create two usable tubes. Some of the subassemblies are tacked and prepped to go with the cut tubes, then they’re all sent across the hall to the welding room. Four CNC machines make about 75% of the small parts (BB shells, headtubes, disk brake mounts, bottle bosses, cable stops, etc), plus the tooling for their mitering machines and benders.
The sections that will welded are brushed clean, then they’re put into into a hot soapy water mix inside an ultrasonic cleaner.
Clean parts are put into a jig and sealed for argon gas filling. They use tig welding, so the welding torch flows argon gas over the. The precise mitering means less welding time and filler material is used, which makes for a stronger frame.
They get a final alignment check, hand checks over the stops to check for burrs, and the headtube is drilled and tapped for the badge.

Blasting it also means they can easily refinish it, which they’ll do for $350 and include an alignment check and fresh decals. Store brand lemon scent furniture polish gives Moots bikes that characteristic dark ti tint.
Bikes and frames then get a smattering of other quality checks before they’re boxed up. Huge thanks to Cathy, Jon and the rest of the crew at Moots for their time and hospitality! My moots RSL is an amazing bike- my components might change through the years, but this frame is one that I’m going to care for over a lifetime. Sam Maloof, the custom woodworker and furniture craftsman, is justifiably renowned for his beautiful designs and his innovative craftsmanship. Over the years I found myself drawn again and again to the beautiful sculptured lines of his custom rocking chairs. Once the rocking chair was completed (and even as it neared completion) I was completely taken with its graceful lines. There are even 'larger' friends of mine who expressed hesitation at sitting in this "Sam Maloof style"e rocking chair for fear of breaking it! The back support found in this custom rocking chair comes from the gently curved spindles in the backrest that match the curve of your lower back. Interestingly, this one particular "Sam Maloof style" rocking chair seems to 'fit' almost every size of person! Because this is a custom rocking chair, I can design and craft it specifically for individual sizes and requirements. The original Sam Maloof rocking chair has to be one of the most copied rocking chair designs in the world. He was also able to succinctly articulate in his books, workshops, and videos, exactly what made them to pleasing to the eye.
This edge stands in stark and beatiful contrast to the graceful flow of where the leg meets the arm and then 'flows' into the hand carved seat.
Kent Eriksen founded the company in 1981, starting in the back of a bike shop before moving into a warehouse. It’s seamless drawn from a solid puck of titanium that has a mandrel pushed through it to make tubing. I asked Cariveau (with a warning that there’s really no way to sugarcoat this) why, compared to other custom titanium bicycle builders, are Moots’ bikes generally higher priced, even for stock sizing? Typically, for a bike like the Vamoots CR that’s one of their bread and butter items, they build twelve at a time per size, so the jigs are all set and they can streamline operations and make them all the same.
Anytime you heat metal, it weakens, so all of the tube bending is done at room temperature. This one flattens and ovalizes the top tube on the Psychlo-X RSL cyclocross bike to make for easier shouldering.
Outside of the tubes, and argon is pumped through the frame’s tubes, to remove all the oxygen from the welding surface.

This means they do a first pass with only the torch, which essentially fuses the tubes together by melting the material into one. They also weld in a very specific order and direction, which reduces warping from the heat.
Each one ships with a tag that shows who handled each part of the construction, any requested options and other notes. A 29er rear wheel with fat tire front combines the benefits of both where needed, and drop bars make for more hand positions over the long haul. For the first time since the bombing began in August, the Air Force has targeted some Islamist positions near Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.
They offer 8-10 stock sizes for road bikes, and around 8 for mountain bikes, so there’s plenty of sizes to avoid the custom up charge. They’ve tested samples of foreign sourced tubing, and say it cracks as soon as they start trying to bend or shape it.
Part of it is the overhead of a large operation, lots of employees and maintaining a dealer network. It takes about 20 minutes to purge the oxygen from the frame before they can start welding.
He and Bryce Davies tack all the frames, check for alignment, then they move through to be fully welded.
She went though UBI’s welding course and now does all of their subassemblies, stems and seatposts, along with a few frames. That threw them for quite a loop when the finish wasn’t turning out like they were used to. Somedays at the start of a loop I’ll look around and wonder why my bike looks like a CX rig more than a mountain bike. Eventually, as the company started growing faster and production demand ramped up, Eriksen split off to build his eponymous, custom bikes, and Miller took over full time. On the third floor are three apartments – one for staff, one for guests (like us, thanks guys!) and one for the owners. PMG is American owned, though they’re made in Asia, so communication was quick and easy, and they make a lot of carbon products for the top brands and bikes, so the quality is high.
That said, Cariveau says most go out with some options added like extra bosses, pump pegs, etc.
But the part I, as a rider and Moots owner, care about is the quality of materials and meticulous process.
They go from the wash basket to a dry basket, and from here on out they’re handled with gloves. It usually takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to completely weld a frame, up to 4 hours if there are a lot of extras like third bottle bosses, rack and fender mounts, etc.

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