Your upholstered furniture should have a cleaning code that informs you of the best cleaning method for the particular upholstery. After all, if you buy your furniture off craigslist, we highly recommened that you clean your furniture, as you don’t know what has spilled on those cushions!
If for some reason, you still cannot find the cleaning code for your furniture, you might want to to check the manufacturers website or even google it. If you still can’t find it, try calling a professional upholsterer or bringing a swatch of the fabric (cut from underneath your couch) to a fabric store to see if they can help you identify the fabric.
A rarer cleaning code, X means the item is NOT cleanable with any liquid solution and should be vacuumed.

Dry the cleaning solvent with a hair dryer to avoid leaving a ring!) Do not allow your piece to become outlandishly dirty if you plan on being happy with the professional cleaning results you will get. This is typically the most durable fabric and isideal for furniture that might see a lot of use or is likely to be spilled on( living room couches and chairs, dining room chairs, loveseats). Stains, spills or dirt on this kind of furniture should be cleaned as soon as possible to maintain the life of the fabric and keep the colors looking vibrant.
Though it says solvent or water, we belive it is better to use a solvent furniture cleaner if you you can. Check with FurnitureRepairman or your local furniture professional on the best methods to clean a piece of furniture with an X cleaning code.

Furniture spot cleaning is suggested using a dry cleaning solvent intended for home dry cleaning.

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