I took them and shoved them in my basement while I tried to figure out to do with them.  Wandering through shops in my town, I stumbled on a little place that re-imagines old furniture called Vintage Chic. Weekend two: I used spray primer, a nice light first coat, followed by a light sanding with a fine grit paper and repeated the process once. It’s very beautiful and I think you got really good thoughts of choosing present for kids. We Provide furniture repair and restoration services to all Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Below are some furniture restored at Angel Wood Refinishing. The clothes are bursting out of their little dressers and the overall color schemes and fun happy kiddy designs are looking a bit out of place. Painting a room is relatively easy and inexpensive and can easily be repainted in a few years. A relative was cleaning out their house and offered me a couple 1950’s French Provincial dressers, beat up and very dated looking, but structurally sound.

I spoke with the owner about her process and if she would be willing to repaint these old dressers and what it would cost and left determined to take the project on myself. I used flexible sanding pads (medium grit) and sanding blocks to break the surface of the old paint and to smooth out areas that had small chips. I ended up deciding to use leftover wall paint because I have a multitude of colors and I hate to waste it.
The style of the drawer pulls certainly impact the final look and Custom Service Hardware has a great selection. I know many people plan the walls to match the furniture, but in the case of my teenage daughters this gives them a big say in the final look of the room. Next, I read peoples blogs about their experiences repainting furniture and came up with my plan. They have input because I do want them to like their spaces, but also they will be going off to college in a few years.

I chose Floetrol latex paint additive and mixed a little at a time until I found a consistency that I thought would work. Being super practical, I would like furniture pieces to be able to function now and either go with them as they grow up or be incorporated into the guest rooms that their bedrooms will become. Each girl went with a fairly white trim color, one chose blue walls and the other chose teal.

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